Things To Consider for The Best SEO Rankings

Things To Consider For The Best SEO Rankings When Choosing A Platform For Your Ecommerce Store

SEO is the most important part of an eCommerce store, and why is that? 95% of all the internet activities and online sales start with just a search. Those SEO tactics performed by a digital marketing agency later connect the customers to the eCommerce stores where the conversion takes place.
Now imagine if the online user is facing a hard time just to reach or discover your store. How much will it affect your business?

SEO Features For Ecommerce Stores

The majority of eCommerce platform providers offer several features to optimize your online store. You can use those features to boost the reach of your online store and get more conversions. But SEO is a technical skill you might need to learn before you can maximize its effect on your store. For example, the most common factors of SEO are meta tags, alt text, external links, etc. To save time and get the maximum benefit, many eCommerce owners hire an SEO expert or digital marketing agencies that handle A-Z SEO-related work of their eCommerce store. For example, you can visit to get all SEO-related services. That said, here a few considerations for the best SEO rankings when choosing a platform for your eCommerce store.

  • Navigation Links:

Navigation Links

It is the text that appears in the eCommerce site’s navigation menu for the product categories. Some of the eCommerce platforms automatically generate these links using the names of the product and listed products. Pick an eCommerce platform that allows you to control the navigation links independently for better SEO optimization.

  • Page Titles:

Page Titles

Independent Page tiles are what you see at your browser tab when you open any site. Also, when adding any site to bookmarks or creating a shortcut, the same title gets saved. That has a sound impact on SEO. Few eCommerce platforms automatically create them, which is not ideal for maximizing SEO optimization for your store. So, pick a platform that allows you to adjust it without having to involve a coder.

  • Meta Descriptions:

Meta Descriptions

Meta Description is among the most common SEO factors. These are a little description that appears below of your site in Google search results. It shows the relevance of your site. However, it doesn’t have a strong impact on SEO, but it decides whether the user will click on your site or not. Some eCommerce platforms don’t allow you to customize the meta descriptions and create them automatically by using the content of your page, which is unfavorable if you want more visitors to enter your site.

  • Page URLs:

Page URLs

The independent page URLs are basically the location of the page that is displayed to the user in the address bar. These have a very significant impact on SEO. The URLs with good relevant key search terms provide a CTR advantage to the site. So, it’s wise to pick an eCommerce platform that allows you to have independent control over generating these links.

  • Image ALT Tags:

Image ALT Tags

Canonical URL:

Canonical URL

It is the original address of the eCommerce store of a page that a user may find in more than a single location. A Rel canonical tag allows you to specify the URL for the single page so the single page or product won’t appear in two different locations as duplicate content prevents the site rankings. So, look for a canonical UR adjustment when picking any eCommerce platform.

  • Integrated Blogs:

Integrated Blogs

Blogging has a crucial impact on SEO, and that’s the reason many eCommerce stores started posting blogs on their website. The blogs improve the site ranking and get your eCommerce store more ranking as well as market your products. Also, you can get more visitors with the help of external linking on the shareable blog or content at your eCommerce site. So, make sure to look for an eCommerce platform that allows you to add blogs without having to use a premium tool or feature.

  • Domain Name:

Domain Name

Domain name connects you to your customers in the most direct way. It is one of the most important factors for running a successful eCommerce store. Many eCommerce platforms charge a premium amount to use your domain name. So, make sure to pick the eCommerce platform that allows you to use your domain name without any additional cost. Otherwise, their name would appear with your store name, like if your domain is and Wix is your eCommerce platform, it will appear like, which reduces the professionality of your online store and makes it less attractive to the visitors.

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