Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment is the most dreaded dental procedure. But did you know if the root canal procedure is done correctly, it is no more painful or difficult than any other dental procedure?

When it comes to rooting canal treatment, patients generally come up with a lot of questions.

  • Why do I need root canal treatment?
  • How to know if I need root canal treatment?
  • What is exactly root canal treatment?

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about root canal therapy. Don’t worry! If you want to know about root canal treatment, you’ve landed at the right place. We’ll give you a comprehensive guide for Root Canal Treatment Warriewood.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure suggested by dentists when your tooth becomes badly decayed, infecting the tooth’s nerve and tooth canal.

Root Canal Therapy involves cleaning the affected area, medicating an infected nerve, and filling it with a root filling. Without proper treatment, the nerves and blood vessels can become severely infected, resulting in pus and abscess formation.

For maximum long-term protection, your dentist may suggest placing a crown on the tooth.

Why Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

You’ve visited a Northern Beaches Dentist who has suggested root canal treatment. Must be wondering, why?

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With root canal treatment, a dentist removes bacterial manifestations inside your tooth and reduces future reinfection risk.

Even though root canal therapy is a tedious process, every step needs to be performed with ultimate precision to minimize the risk of reinfection as much as possible.

Let’s start with the basic anatomy. Root canals are basically tunnel-like structures inside the tooth’s root that extends from the pulp (part of the tooth containing the nerve supply and blood vessels).

If a broken or decaying tooth is left untreated, bacteria start forming in the root canal, infecting the nerves. In some instances, untreated conditions can result in severe infection resulting in abscess formation inside the mouth.

Root canal treatment is recommended when the infection or decay has gone too deep, affecting the nerves and blood supply.

Why Should You Not Leave Your Tooth Untreated?

You may experience various dental issues if you leave a decaying or infected tooth untreated-

  • The primary problem would be severe pain and discomfort
  • Infection of blood vessels and nerves can lead to pus and abscess formation.
  • Bone loss around the roots of a specific tooth
  • Moderate to severe bleeding

What Are The Common Signs That You Need Root Canal Treatment?

  • Pus coming out or abscess formation of the gums adjacent to the infected tooth
  • Severe soreness and pain to a specific tooth
  • Extreme sensitivity to both cold and hot drinks and food
  • You can’t chew or eat on the tooth
  • Spontaneous pain not triggered by just eating and drinking

How Is The Root Canal Procedure Done?

Root Canal procedure comprises of 3 steps-

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Step 1- Extirpation

During this process, the dentist will perform an initial cleaning of the root canal to remove the infected nerve, control infection, and medicate the tooth. Depending on the anatomy of your tooth, this process may take 20-45 minutes.

Step 2- Instrumentation

In the instrumentation step, the dentist will perform a detailed cleaning of the root canal to ensure bacteria is controlled and your tooth is pain-free. This procedure generally takes 30-60 minutes.

Step 3- Obturation

Your dentist will perform obturation when your tooth is completely pain-free. The affected root canals are filled with special gutta-percha material for complete sealing and completion of the treatment. The dentist may require 30-60 minutes to complete the step.

You deserve the best dental care. Visit only trusted dental clinics with renowned Northern Beaches Dentist teams for root canal therapy and other dental treatments.

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