The Ultimate Guide To Stay Motivated During Work From Home in 2021

The news is not new that pandemic has made remote working common. However, what’s new is that we are still struggling to find peace with the shift in working mode. Screaming children, disruptive environment, slow internet service, household chores, and a lot more have contributed to making remote working challenging for employees in 2020.

While people were hoping for a beneficial change in their lifestyle in 2021, the pandemic-induced lifestyle is still booming. Instead, even after the various states lifted travel bans and resumed regular public life, companies have continued with remote working policies for employees.

In 2021, hundreds of thousands of employees are still working from home and there are high chances of remote working becoming a permanent mode for many employees in the country. This is to point out that it is time to change our approach toward remote working. It is time to actively work on making this mode of working beneficial for us and for the companies we are working for.

But how?

There are a lot of factors that make remote working challenging for people to blend into the current lifestyle. First, you need to understand what factors are distracting you from performing your best at remote working.

Once you understand, you’ll actively try to fix what’s bothering you.

Declutter Your Home Office

You must have kept a place reserved for work, right? Your home office is a new place but also a destructive one. To make sure you maintain your productivity levels high during office work you need to make sure that your home office is a peaceful place.

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A study conducted by UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives for Families researches there is a direct link between clutter and stress hormones. This means that the more clutter you have in your space, the more stressed you will be.

Not only that but according to a recent study people with cluttered homes are 77% more likely to be overweight and unhealthy. Therefore, what you need to do first is have a separate working space. Even if you do not have a separate room, you can create a desk that is associated with office work.

Another important thing to address here is that clutter isn’t always physical objects. Instead, having a cluttered desktop and an unorganized working style can increase stress and anxiety. Therefore, make sure you are organized in every way.

Change Your Outfit

Apart from having a strong internet connection from service providers like Hughesnet Internet, it is also important to be ready for work. Believe it or not, clothes have a strong physiological impact. According to Dr. Karen Pine, the psychology professor at the University of Hertfordshire, dressing too casually for work can make us less focused, and less alert for work.

During remote working, we all are guilty of working in our pajamas. For video calls, dressing formally only until the camera can view us,  has become a normal dressing style for many. While you might think that dressing up every day for work even when you are not stepping out of your house is too exhausting, you are just benefitting yourself.

The professional attire can help you feel motivated toward your work and also get out of the suit and into your pajamas.

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Take Breaks

According to a recent study, employees working from home can work more than required when compared to those working on site. There are a lot of factors that are involved in increasing working hours for remote employees.

Endless distractions in not taking regular breaks are the major factors that can make employees physically and mentally drained. Make sure you create a routine that makes it normal to have a 5 to 7-minute break every hour.

Not only this but also make sure you disconnect your work devices when your work is done. You can go ahead and take a good walk, cook, and do things that you used to do on a normal working day before the coronavirus outbreak.

Key Takeaways

There is a lot to stay motivated with, but you can try some suggestions from this blog.

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