The ultimate guide to buying diamond earrings

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A piece of jewelry that girls most often than not start with is earrings. Especially in India, most girls get their ears pierced at an early age and wear lightweight earrings to school as kids. As they grow older, the experimenting begins and they wear other shapes, sizes, and explore different materials. This is also when the parents and grandparents become more comfortable with curating and buying sets of real jewelry for the younger girls. Earrings in gold or diamonds are something that is often the first choice as they look stunning and are of immense value even in the long run. 

Things to consider while buying earrings in diamonds 

Any jewelry made out of precious metals is not cheap. Therefore, a lot of thought and consideration goes before the purchase is made. At times, the initial consideration before buying diamond earrings is the budget. Once this is decided, other aspects of the earrings can be taken into account and compromises can be made accordingly. Here are a few important things that people usually consider before buying diamonds:

  • The right color – The finest and purest of diamonds are usually colorless and expensive. There are different grading scales that jewelers, craftsmen, and artisans consider as a technicality before determining the purity of this stone. The preference would be for a whiter, more translucent stone however, even with a yellowish tinge, the brightness or sparkle of the diamond would not be affected. 
  • Appropriate Clarity – Clarity is one of the most important parts of the diamond and the stones with fewer flaws and inclusions are rare. Naturally, these stones would then be higher in price. Even if diamonds are with flaws, they are most often invisible to the naked eye and therefore do not affect the beauty of the stone. 
  • The cut of the stone – The sheer brilliance, radiance, and beauty of the stone come from the way it is cut. The skilled artisans would ensure that no matter which piece of jewelry the diamond is embedded in – like earrings, pendants, necklaces, nose pins, or even bangles, the shine of the stone would remain intact. A well-cut diamond would reflect light internally and is radiant when light is shone upon the stone.
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Keeping these points in mind, it would become easier to purchase a diamond in the form of any piece of jewelry. Here are a few styles of earrings in diamonds that are available with this brand that can be styled in the most fashionable way on different occasions and a variety of attires. Luckily, diamond earrings are super adaptable and can be worn almost universally.

However, here are a few common styles that you can choose from for your jewelry collection:
  • Studs – For work shirts, formal blazers, casual tees, or even Indian kurtis, diamond studs would work wonders. Any tiny motif or geometric design or even a plain circle, studs have a way to pull the attraction and build radiance on the face of the woman who wears them.
  • Drops – Considered to be some of the most elegant forms of earrings, drops can evoke a feminine charm and grace. For party outfits, dresses, or informal attires, you can easily wear drops. 
  • Hoops – The most universal form of earrings that have the ability to transform an outfit into something different are hoops. Add diamonds to that and you would not need anything else for your attire. Choose from a vast collection of hoop earrings in diamonds.  
  • Shoulder dusters – Trendy shoulder dusters can look great for cocktail parties or DJ nights. The long nature of the earrings also has a way of making the face look sleeker and more sophisticated. 

This collection of earrings in diamond will steal your heart away. Keep coming back for more as this reliable and genuine brand is all set to fulfill your expectations and more. 

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