The Stunning HD and 3D Wallpapers for All Latest Smartphones – how to get or create them

Wallpapers are known as a quick way to change the look of your smartphone screen. Users can change the background image using one of the defaults used by Android images in their new OS. But how do get the latest 3D wallpapers and animated backgrounds and where to find these images?

These advanced wallpapers are not officially available inside Android OS. These phone wallpapers are delivered by different Android wallpaper apps specialized in different arts and technologies for the cool wearables of today. One of the hot trends in device personalization is that of making your animated and 3D backgrounds using a wallpaper maker.

Check out our selection of the latest Android wallpaper apps here in this post.

Wave Live Wallpapers

This app is a good option highly rated by users who are anxious to have the latest wallpapers on their smartphones, ready to impress their friends with cool and uncommon moving wallpapers.

But are the live wallpapers different in this app? Wave Live Wallpapers HD & 3D Wallpaper Maker app has several wallpapers created with modern graphic editing tools and the help of 3D professional artists. The users can apply the images of their choice and mirrors on the screen. The new 3D wallpapers, however, are quite different and draw a lot of attention. They are mostly colour illustrations with a dynamic overall look that make us call them moving backgrounds.

The colour patterns are multicoloured and bring out warm images. Choosing to download Wave’s moving wallpapers will get lively colourful scenarios on any Android screen. Furthermore, the users can create a 3D live wallpaper quickly with the Wallpaper Maker.

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Wave Live Wallpapers HD & 3D Wallpaper Maker is free to download on the Play Store and offers premium options for those who prefer to enjoy a free-ad experience.

Live Wallpapers And Background

Among the options for Android moving wallpapers, this is one of the best apps: more than 10,000 images to be used as wallpaper in 4K high resolution — including animated backgrounds. Among the categories are babies, cartoons, tourism, architecture, food and others. There is also the “trending” tab, where you can choose from the most popular images in the app. To remove the advertisement, the user needs the premium service.

Cute Wallpapers – Cute Kawaii Wallpapers

In this application, there are options for those who are a fan of candy colour and are looking for cute illustrations. There are more than 600 wallpaper options for commemorative dates such as Easter and Christmas, compiled from animals, unicorns, foods and cosmos. The image quality is Full HD and it is possible to share any background with friends. A positive point is that the app works offline: you don’t need an internet connection to browse. The entire app is free.

Live4K: Live Wallpaper

Developed by Live Wallpapers, Live4K is one of the most downloaded and best relieved on Apple’s system. The application offers images of different themes: anime, automobiles, animals, nature, quotes and sayings, among others. The highlight is the availability of Live images like moving wallpapers, which work on the iPhone from the 6S and 6S Plus versions. Among the themes available for the configuration is the ASMR, the relaxing noise resulting from the movement of different textures.

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Those who prefer to set up their own wallpaper can select their favourite photos and animate them through a wallpaper maker feature. With yearly premium service, you can modify cell phone widgets —those special windows that give access to certain features of an app— and get rid of frequent ads. Still, many options are free.


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