The Many Faces of the White Glove Logistics Industry

As we move further down the road of digital development, new and innovative technical equipment emerges and the white glove logistics industry services many sectors by transporting and installing technical equipment. This is one of the fastest-growing sectors, as we see more digital equipment coming into the market and here are just some of the business sectors that the white glove technician serves.

  • Banking & Finance – All ATMs are installed and managed by teams of white-glove technicians; with one team being responsible for several hundred machines. Other complex equipments such as note counters and anti-forgery devices are also handled by the white glove technicians, who must be bank-approved to work with cash.
  • Medical Sector – Healthcare relies heavily on the white glove industry to transport, install and calibrate technical equipment such as MRI and CAT scanners and X-Ray equipment. Imagine the level of difficulty in manhandling a huge MRI machine up to the 3rd floor of the hospital! This kind of project requires some serious planning; the white glove team would take possession of the equipment near the final destination and from that time on, they are responsible for the equipment. Often, a hospital requires demo logistics from Rhenus High Tech, whereby they can use the equipment for a specified period of time and when the demo period is over, perhaps the white glove team will return the equipment to the manufacturer. Here are a few types of medical health professionals that you might need to see at some point in your life.
  • Fitness Equipment – That state-of-the-art gym you use has equipment that is installed by the white glove technician and they even train staff on how to manage and troubleshoot minor issues. The technicians must regularly attend product training courses to gain the certification they need to work with technical equipment, so that means a lot of learning.
  • Data Centres – The white glove team are certified to install and relocate data centres, which they can also manage. It is critical to have precise climate control, in order that the servers do not overheat and the provider is capable of designing and building data centres.
  • Asset Recovery – When a large corporation decides to upgrade its IT hardware, this would be a job for the white glove logistics team. This would involve disposing of the old hardware (WEEE Certified) and installing new components while reconnecting networks and peripherals.
  • Reverse Logistics – When a piece of equipment malfunctions or simply reaches the end of its lifespan, the white glove team would disassemble and transport the equipment back to the manufacturer, or at another given location.
  • Vending & Gaming – The touch-screen digital vending and gaming machines also come under the umbrella of the white glove team.
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Here is some UK government information about technical installation that you might find interesting. The white glove logistics firm would have many fully equipped teams to service many business sectors and if you are ever in need of their services, a Google search is all it takes.

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