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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Cybersecurity

The term Artificial Intelligence was first coined in 1950. It has now emerged as a prominent buzzword all across the world. More than 15% of all businesses are using AI and it is proving to be a game-changing technology in all sectors. This technology has done wonders in our lives and is continuously carving our futures as well. This technology is reshaping every sector including healthcare, education, banking, etc. AI has brought digital transformations which have enhanced businesses globally. 

Cybercrimes are growing massively and criminals are always in search of loopholes in the digital system. Cybersecurity is the major concern of the digital world. So businesses are implementing artificial intelligence to automatically detect cyber threats and fight back fraudsters without falling into a pit of scams. 

AI Enhances Cybersecurity:

By automating complicated methods to detect attacks and to react to data breaches, AI plays a vital role. Enhanced monitoring of incidents and giving a faster consequent response by deploying AI minimize the damage caused. By using the machine learning (ML) technique

Threats can be predicted with greater speed and accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence Applications for cybersecurity:

Following AI application categories that are being used:

  • Spam Filter Applications (Spamassassin)
  • Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Fraud detection
  • Credit scoring and next-best offers
  • Botnet Detection
  • Secure User Authentication
  • Cybersecurity Ratings
  • Hacking Incident Forecasting

How AI is implemented in organizations to ensure cybersecurity:

Controlled Access:

 Authentication models are being used to secure important information from being accessed by unauthorized users. When the data is being accessed remotely it can be easily compromised by scammers. Multi-Factor Authentication like 2FA can be used to provide security as this technology offers more than one type of authentication information. AI-powered systems can modify access rights and assure data security by using this technology.

Biometric Verification: 

Biometric technology is an innovative AI tool that is a key to make the word key-free. There is no divided opinion about the fact that passwords and PIN codes that are used to secure user’s information can be easily cracked and compromised by cybercriminals. That is why AI-powered biometric verification technology has been used for providing enhanced cybersecurity. Face features, vein patterns, fingerprints, and palm prints can be accurately scanned with the help of AI. These methods can be used to provide a multi-factor biometric verification solution in which more than one type of scanning takes place with passwords or PIN codes to add an extra layer of security. Especially these days when most businesses are working online, biometric technology provides the best solution to provide a contactless and accurate verification system. One of the most attractive features of this AI technology is “liveness detection” which is an anti-spoofing technique to ensure the original presence of a person and mitigate the risk of deep fakes.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention:

Artificial intelligence systems can detect any intrusion in a network by deploying various codes and algorithms. With the help of predictive analysis, systems can prevent cyber attacks from occurring in the future. 

AI VS AI- A Battle in Cyberspace:

The potentiality of AI seems like a promising opportunity but it has its own threats. It is used by cybercriminals in achieving many goals as well. If talking broadly, AI can automate cyber attacks.

This technology has become a new tool for cybercriminals with attacks that are probably more successful and personalized. Hackers can use the principles which cybersecurity experts use to prevent cyber attacks to develop their own AI-powered systems to trick the systems.

We need to invent advanced Artificial Intelligence systems to ensure complete cybersecurity. Constant advancement in Artificial Intelligence is helping the exponential growth of this technology.  At present, the need is to deploy both human intelligence and artificial intelligence to complement the strengths and weaknesses to build a stronger system. of each other and give better outcomes than either one alone. While implementing this technology, the benefits and risks of AI must be considered.

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