The Effects of Unique Content on SEO

The key benifits of unique content in SEO

How much do we examine the subject that we will tell before starting our article? We will try to provide brief and concise information about the benefits of unique content to SEO. Do you want to learn something about unique content then read this?

How should unique content be?

If we are going to write unique content, let’s not forget that it is necessary to conduct detailed research on the subject before publishing the content. You should not forget that articles that are not written clearly and understandably will cause more harm to your site than benefit.

The first golden rule of publishing good content is a valuable choice of title. It should be in integrity with your subject. In the same way, we should pay attention to the use of labels that match our subject title and content in label use.

To explain with an example;

If we plan that our topic is “effects of current content on SEO”. We should not forget that we should use content keyword density in the right proportions within the subject. Before we start our article, we copy the keyword in our topic title 4 or 5 times in the content area.

Then we start writing the article, we ensure that the keywords are distributed in equal proportions in the introduction, development, and conclusion sections.

If we need to use our keyword in the subject content with sampling;

We chose the word “current content” in our subject title as the keyword. We used the word “current content” equally in the introduction, development, and conclusion sections in its use within the subject.

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The benefits of unique content

It looks at the Google uniqueness rate of the articles we post on our page. As you can see in many SEO analyses, you see the content similarity ratio. You can repeat the process by dropping the same words, same titles, and same tags in the content.

This process is no different from publishing duplicate content. If we choose our articles and titles by following the rules of uniqueness within the topics and titles, we will publish unique and new content for Google and other search engines.

For example, let’s talk about the benefits of orange. You can see archives written for thousands or even millions of oranges in the Google archives. The Google search engine perceives the same words and rewritten articles as simpler than you think and imposes minor penalties for your site.

If you need to write a unique article about orange, “Did you eat our orange?” With a unique title. If you create your article with the title, you can see that there is a title that has never been searched before.

It also means new information for Google. frankly, you put in front of Google’s favorite cake.

One of every 4 searches in the world uses words that have not been searched before. By developing Rank Brain for this, Google tries to provide the most accurate result by comparing previously searched titles with similar content.

The important thing here is to use the unique h2 tag and h2 tag with general search words. The topics included in the content are equally unique, and the keyword orange and its benefits can be used in subtitles and content without the repeated overhead.

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There is no need to explain long. Just as we chose the title as unique, we must make the subject content unique. The most accurate method you will apply here is to research content related to more than one subject and then publish your content 100% originally with the information you have in mind.

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