The Best Lap Desks You Can Use at Home

Laptop and computer sales have seen a significant increase in the past year, driven by the shift from traditional to online classes among students and the extended implementation of the work-from-home set up for employees. 

Alongside that is the spike in sales of tools and accessories that supported our productivity at home, some of them being lap desks. These provided an affordable solution to help us create a conducive work environment at home. 

You may be late on the trend, but it’s never too late to find the best lap desk for you! 

The Ergonomic Benefits of Lap Desks 

A lap desk provides a sturdy surface to place your laptop so you can get your work done even from your bed, the couch, or anywhere else in your home. It usually has handy, ergonomic features like a cup holder, pen holder, storage, or a cushion that conforms to your lap. It also provides the much-needed height to bring your laptop screen to eye level. 

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It promotes better posture.

When you work long hours with a laptop, you must be comfortable to help reduce strain. This is where the ergonomic features of a lap desk come into play—it supports proper posture, so there’s less strain on your neck and eyes in terms of the height of your screen, allowing you to work in a relaxed setup. 

It reduces glare

With the monitor at ideal eye level and arm’s length, you can also reduce screen glare, which in return can reduce headaches and eyesores. A lap desk also allows you to adjust your laptop’s angle in a way that’s comfortable for your eyes. 

It keeps heat from the laptop off your lap.

Your laptop releases heat, which can increase to an uncomfortable 114° Fahrenheit when the fans are blocked. Imagine working on your laptop with that kind of heat on your legs. You can prevent this problem by using a lap desk that provides insulation for your legs while working. 

It provides more workspace.

Above all that, lap desks provide enough space for your mouse, notebook, pens, snacks, or whatever you want to keep close to while working. You can enjoy this benefit without having to invest in a full-sized office desk and chair and, more importantly, while you enjoy the comfort of your bed. 

While it’s mainly designed for laptop use, other lap desk designs allow you to use it for other purposes, and the best one for you boils down to your taste, lifestyle, and budget. 

In the list that follows, we’ve rounded up the best ones in the market for different categories. 

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The Best Lap Desks in the Market 

Best Quality: LapGear Rossie Home Wooden Lap Desks with Storage 

No one knew the pandemic would last this long. If you’re purchasing a lap desk, you might as well invest in one that is built to last. LapGear offers a lap desk made from durable acacia wood. It can accommodate a 15-inch laptop comfortably and has three-compartment storage to fit and organize your stationery items. But what seals the deal is its cushioned base for maximum comfort. 

Best in Built-In Features: Moclever Lap Desks With Storage And Light

With its built-in LED desk light, storage compartment, and internal cooling fan, the Moclever lap desk is designed for long work hours. You can set it in three different heights and adjust the desk’s angle according to your preference to promote proper posture. Did we mention it also has a side tray to use as a mouse pad and a 4-port USB hub? Because it has! 

Best Price: Akila Portable Lap Desk With Storage For Adults

For less than $40, you can have a lap desk that is classy, portable, and durable. It is made with MDF solid wood particleboard and offers ample workspace to fit your laptop and other essentials. It has foldable legs for easy storage and mobility. 

Best for Environment: SONGMICS Wood Lap Desk With Side Storage

Made with 100% natural bamboo, the SONGMICS Wood Lap Desk With Side Storage answers the demand for eco-friendly products. It’s sturdy and as functional as any other options: the desk can adjust in five angles; it has a storage drawer for your pens, chargers, and other small accessories and is just as useful for studying, drawing, and more. 

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Best in Multifunctionality: BirdRock Home Multi-Tasking Laptop

Taking a break from your mostly sitting job can help improve your legs’ circulation and reduce risks of developing varicose veins. Whenever you feel like standing, the BirdRock Home Multi-Tasking laptop lets you do so even while working—place it on another table with its legs fully extended for a makeshift standing desk. 


Your health and comfort are two of the most important things in today’s unusual situation, and you owe it to yourself to take good care of your well-being. 

Get yourself a lap desk today and enjoy all the benefits it offers! 

What’s your favorite lap desk on the list? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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