Top Reasons You Should Switch to a Fiber-Optic Network

How would it affect your business if there is no internet connection?

No internet means high economic crisis! Right?

Transferring data from spreadsheets to large database management systems with secure communication and high-speed becomes possible due to the network connections like fiber-optic cables.

Due to such relative newness technology, fiber optics is counted as the predominant choice for Ethernet backbone infrastructure, high-speed internet services, and general data networking. With the rising demand for VoIP phones, IP cameras, and video conferencing units, such a data voice cabling system will provide support to all the bandwidth-intensive devices without any hassle.

Having a fiber-optic Internet connection won’t only keep your business alive in a hyper-active digital world. But its greater bandwidth offers you continuous, high-speed connectivity for running your business operations.

Well, there are various ways through which a fiber-optic connection can benefit especially in your business. To determine those benefits, let’s take into account these reasons that you should explain why it is essential to switch to a fiber-optic network.

Reasons to Switch to a Fiber-Optic Network

Faster Speed Without Any Interruptions

The fiber-optic connection provides many times faster speed than even the highest-speed of copper internet connections. But, having a slow speed internet can cost you high and lessen the productivity of your business. No one wants to fall into such circumstances! Even a report shows that slow Internet connections cost employees one week per year of productivity.”

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But, adopting fiber-optic cables will increase your bandwidth potential and offer staggering internet speed. These cables are made of long, precise glass stands, which can transmit the data over long distances using the principles of total internal reflection. So, whether you want to upload/download the data, require seamless internet surfing, or amazing streaming or gaming experience, fiber-optic cable is a reliable choice for your business.

Withstand Extreme Conditions

That copper network connection placed in your business’ walls or underground can get into contact with moisture. This further can give birth to corrosion, which can affect your internet speed. Due to corrosion, the copper wires can also seep into the ground. This is where you require a massive investment in terms of enormous safety concerns. But switching to a fiber-optic connection can relax you from such problems. Such cables can’t deteriorate and will never originate corrosive chemicals that could generate critical conditions.

Provide Significant Reliability

Fiber-optical cables can offer a significant benefit when it comes to reliability as compared to copper Internet connectivity. Bad weather conditions can break or delay data transmission. But, fiber is much stronger than copper and completely deals with severe weather conditions. Even fiber optic wires are opposed to human or electrical interference and never degrade or disappear due to electromagnetic interference.

But, having an unreliable internet connection can take down your businesses’ communications and productivity. If your business is facing such issues, it’s time to switch to fiber-optic connections. This will make phone calls or access to applications as reliable as possible.

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Cost Savings

Installing a fast internet connection is a sign of greater productivity. As discussed above, removing the speed issues could result in a week’s worth of productivity. So, if your business is suffering from unstable and weak connections due to bad weather, it could cost you high and lose thousands of dollars each year. In order to get rid of such a situation, it’s recommended that you bring a reliable and stable internet connection – like fiber-optics – to your business.

If your IT team is more involved in the applications and services to the cloud, fiber connections give full support in this. Business services like software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud storage, and VoIP all provide enormous potential for cost savings.

Reliable Security

Hackers can steal and access the information of your business with relative ease through cable tapping or other comparatively easy methodologies. Companies who lost their protected information can face significant losses both financially and in customer defection terms. And, the only solution to get away from this is to install fiber-optic Internet connections. As compared to those copper wires, it’s one of the most potent ways to improve your businesses’ protection against cybercrime. According to a study, “the average cost of an information security breach is $3.8 million”. Hence, having an upgrade to a fiber-optic Internet connection alleviates all the organization’s risks and provides a full means of protection.

Greater Bandwidth

Low bandwidth means slow speeds, delays, and pixelated video quality. A business with a need for high-speed data transmission requires a more reliable, secure, and stable connection to enhance businesses’ overall productivity. And a fiber-optic connection is truly available for providing more unlimited and greater bandwidth for high-speed data transmission. Such connections will significantly provide higher bandwidth and don’t affect the speed in any circumstances. Some user activities can place high demands on business bandwidth – like:

  • SIP trunking
  • Web Conferencing
  • Streaming high definition video (example… training video)
  • File sharing
  • Cloud Applications
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So, if your current connection isn’t capable enough to maintain your company’s authorized bandwidth requirements for telephone services, it’s time to renew your business with fiber-optic Internet connections.

Bottom Line

So, are you ready for fiber connections?

This future proof broadband is a secure solution for your business in every term whether it’s about increasing productivity or approaching new heights of success. But before a choice over fiber-optical cables, it’s recommended that take consultation over fiber optic services from a reliable supplier. So, you aren’t compromising on quality and excellence.

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