Support brands stand out Custom candle boxes

Customized candle boxes provide you with a strong reputation on the market. Candle boxes produce an incredible and enchanting look and draw customers to purchase your items. The custom boxes enhance the candle’s grace and beauty. These customized printed boxes allow customers to keep and choose your brand’s product. It not only maintains the responsive candles but also improves the product’s outlook. With these boxes, GCP gives your candles a new look, new design, and new shape.

With your brand info Personalized candle boxes

Custom candle boxes are a great candle manufacturer packaging solution. The candle boxes are made of brown Kraft or cardboard material that can be personalized for the candle boxes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Where the size of the box depends on the candles, the color of the box will depend on the subjects to be printed.

For custom candle boxes shapes & designs

The custom candle boxes are very flexible and long-lasting. These candle boxes are available in a number of designs and forms:

  1. The candle packaging of the container is formed in the following forms:
  • Cube boxes in the form
  • Custom candle-shaped cube Shipping package
  • Tear Open Seal End
  • Open seal end tear type custom box packaging of candles
  • Exaggeration
  • Hexagon shape packaging for custom candle boxes
  1. In these shaped candle boxes, pillars and tapers can be packaged
  • Tuck End Straight
  • Custom candle box packaging straight tuck end style.
  • Sleeve & Tray
  • Tray-style sleeve for custom box packaging
  1. This style can be considered for votive candle packaging
  • Double Full Flat Tray
  • Custom candle box full flat double tray-type packaging
  1. And the packaging for tealight candles can be achieved in the following styles:
  • Locked Wall Lid Double
  • Custom candle box packaging for double-locked wall lid
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Custom candle box packaging in two-piece box style

Cross inserts may be made in partition boxes. The transparent window style of the boxes presents your candles. Boxes for displaying your candles on display counters are used. Various die-cutting options can be used for any box style to make your candle boxes attractive. Well, together with everything above, if you want to design your own custom candle box, we will be glad to supply you with us.

Think green with custom candles

The material used for the boxes saves the candles and does not melt during supply and storage. For these custom candle packaging, we use cardboard and power material that is 100% recyclable without harmful effects. Take a look at plastic and other drastic materials to move towards a green future.

Customized wholesale retailer of candle boxes

GCP provides custom printed boxes at wholesale prices, which help to market the candle brand in a manner that carries the company logo, product logo, and other company details. The theme on the box represents the form of a candle packed.

Why purchase custom candle boxes from the zone of custom boxes?

  • Pace free shipping
  • Ensured fastest production time
  • Support for Free Design
  • Standard printing and environmentally friendly content
  • No die and concealed charges whatsoever
  • Secure Payment

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