Struggling with Higher Education? This Guide Will Help You Get Back on Track

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Being a student is a challenge even for the most confident and academically able people. The pressure of having to balance good planning with absorbing a vast amount of new knowledge can be pretty overwhelming no matter who you are or what subject you are learning. If you are struggling with higher education and don’t feel like you can cope, this brief guide will hopefully provide some answers and help you to feel more at ease.

Identify What You Are Struggling With

The first and most important step to feeling better about your higher education is to take a close look at what precisely is causing you stress. There are so many different ways that higher education can impact a student’s peace of mind, and no two students will have the same experience. For example, perhaps you are feeling uncertain about what coursework you must complete or which materials you have to read. You may even be confused as to the layout of your school and have difficulty finding each department. When you have a clearer idea as to what you’re struggling with, you are better placed to find solutions.

  • Are you unsure about course requirements or materials? Email or speak to your professor. It can be a great idea to prepare specific questions beforehand in case you are forgetful or nervous.
  • If you are struggling to find your way around, most campuses have maps, and you can request one from student services.
  • Most common student problems can be solved by putting aside your embarrassment and asking for help. Even if the person you ask doesn’t know the answer, they can point you in the right direction.
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Take Note of Every Requirement

At the start of each year or semester, it is a good idea to get into the habit of finding out all your requirements, coursework, exam dates, and deadlines up front. Write them down somewhere you will remember to check, such as in your diary or calendar. You can also easily set reminders on your phone to avoid the chances of missing an important deadline. It can be a huge relief to plot out your requirements at the start so you can look ahead clearly.

Consider a Change

If you think that one of the main reasons you are struggling is because the school isn’t a good fit for you, whether that’s because the course isn’t right or you don’t like the teaching style, you can think about changing to another institution. Take a look at college transfer acceptance rates for LMU at CampusReel, for example, and find out what you can do to move.

Evaluate Your Goals for the Future

Sometimes, the stress of studying comes from the pressure you put on yourself to achieve highly. While it’s commendable to have ambitious goals, it’s also important to cut yourself slack every once in a while and enjoy the process of learning rather than only focusing on the end results.

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