Reasons why Businesses Love Microsoft Office 365

Try to think of one alternative for Microsoft Office 365. Are you having difficulty? There is not a single capable software suite like Office 365 (currently Microsoft 365). Companies worldwide use it extensively; many employers and employees live by Outlook Calendar and email tools. These programs are familiar to companies, students, and educators. There are other reasons too behind its popularity, some of the reasons are as follows:


Office 365 is a phenomenally economical deal since it brings one of the most frequently used and comparatively expensive software suites to everybody for a manageable cost. If you are a student, Microsoft also offers affordable student packages that are way more affordable than regular office packages.

Complete Platform

Microsoft Office 365 is also a whole platform. For many companies, Office 365 offers all the tool required for seamless communication and cooperation. That includes email, social networking, instant messaging and online meeting, private cloud file sharing, and business portal platform. Office 365 also makes it feasible to share content with outside partners, which is very important to a few organizations.


It is a fact that most of us are familiar with Microsoft Office since our childhood. Switching to a different office suite with an unknown user interface can cause a significant hurdle in an organization. Office 365 integrates nicely with the help of Microsoft Office 365 Solutions Houston, the most widely used desktop software.

No Other Viable Alternatives

There are many other available alternatives in the market, but none is as powerful as Office 365. Microsoft has made an enormous investment to create Office 365 as the default platform of the future.

Enterprise-Level Security

With Office 365 Houston TX, your data is protected with the highest level of encryption. Microsoft Exchange Online has built-in anti-virus and spam filtering, offering you the ability to protect your data with enterprise-grade reliability with constant data backup, disaster recover capacities, and a strict privacy policy. Office 365 is also intended to assist you in meeting specific regulatory requirements.

Storage through OneDrive

Office 365 provides OneDrive to companies that offer 1TB per user of storage space. Small companies choose to completely change to the Cloud for their storage for superior security and accessibility.

Final Words

Now you can understand why Office 365 is so popular. However, there are other popular alternatives, but they have very less market shares than Microsoft Office Suite.

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