RapidSSL Certificate – Ideal for Small Businesses

There has been a considerable increase in the use of the internet. With more of their audience going online to search for information, more companies are taking their business online. Most of the websites request customer information in any form. It could be login credentials, demographic information or, in some cases, financial information. Businesses must ensure there are proper steps in place to ensure that the data is safe.

While there has been an increased use of websites, there are also growing incidents of data breaches. These breaches are not only targeted against bigger organisations, but small companies also bear the brunt of such attacks. Therefore, they must install a cheap SSL certificate that will help by providing website security and preventing any cyber-attack attempts. A RapidSSL certificate can be an excellent option.

We will learn more about them in this article.

What are SSL certificates?

They are essentially digital certificates that can ensure the security of websites and help in the defences against a cyberattack. SSL, or Secure Socket Layer. It is a technology used to keep the communication between the web server and the visitor’s browser safe. The protocol is now upgraded to the latest TLS (or Transport Layer Security), but the commonly used term SSL has remained.

These certificates ensure that the communication exchange is encrypted and can only be read by the designated recipient. Modern encryption algorithms make it impossible for any unauthorized third party to find out about the communication messages. Furthermore, the certificate installation ensures the padlock’s presence on the address bar, assuring the visitor that the website is safe.

How do SSL certificates work?

The SSL certificates use public-key cryptography technology. It uses a private and a public key pair to exchange data safely between the two systems. In addition, it helps in encoding and the subsequent decoding of the messages. 

When a browser tries to connect to the server, it requests identification from the server. After this, the webserver sends out a copy of the SSL certificate to the browser. Next, the certificate is checked for authenticity by the browser, and accordingly, a message is sent to the server. Finally, the webserver sends back a digitally signed acknowledgment to allow the SSL session to start. 

The process ensures that the server is authenticated till the valid connection remains. It also ensures that the messages exchanged are confidential, and no third party can access them. The digital signatures also ensure that none can modify the data during the transfer.

Learning about RapidSSL certificates

RapidSSL is powered by DigiCert and allows clients to upgrade to GeoTrust certificates along with access to the leading platform to manage certificates – the DigiCert® CertCentral®. They are targeted at helping smaller businesses reap the benefits of globally renowned SSL certificates. These certificates can also allow e-commerce websites run by small companies to stay ahead of the competition through secure networks. 

The RapidSSL brand removes entry barriers for small companies and ensures that they are not deprived of data security. Moreover, it is also ensured that they receive the certificates within a short time. The certificates are budget-friendly, and RapidSSL certificates allow small businesses to utilize newer encryption techniques and keep their data safe.

DV certificate. They are ideal for any small business or blog site. These certificates are issued within minutes and provide primary protection against data threats. The certificates use standard encryption technologies and automated domain validation.

Wildcard certificate. These certificates allow small businesses to secure multiple first-level subdomains under the chosen primary domain with a single cheap RapidSSL wildcard certificate. It uses 256-bit encryption, and automation ensures that the authentication of the websites is faster. Installation is easy, and businesses can receive free email and web support.

Why are RapidSSL certificates ideal for small businesses?

RapidSSL certificates have been installed at over 400,000+ sites, and they provide the world’s best website security solutions. In addition, they provide unique resources and streamline support facilities for small businesses.

Next-generation technologies.

The certificates utilize the newer 256-bit algorithm that can readily prevent hackers from gaining access to the website. In addition, it secures online communication happening with the webserver and can prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and other threats.

Small businesses can host several subdomains across multiple servers, and they can be protected from data threats. The procedures ensure stricter validation of the server and requests it receives.

Trust factors.

The use of the SSL certificate will ensure the padlock is shown on the address bar. It will allow visitors to be sure that they are visiting a safe website. They also come with a Trust Seal that assures the visitors that the site is trusted. You will receive the seal only after the Certificate Authority (CA) has validated the site and you have installed the SSL certificate. 

Clients are provided with a 30-day money-back guarantee if they feel that adequate safeguards are not being provided. They also come with a warranty that enhances the trust factor of the issued certificates.

Compatibility of the certificates.

Clients may be worried about the compatibility of the certificates. You can stay assured that the products come with the highest levels of compatibility across different platforms. They are compatible with most servers and operating systems. Even 99% of all mobile and desktop browsers support the RapidSSL products.

Fast issuance. 

The validation process is automated. As a result, the certificates can be offered to clients within a short time. Faster issuance allows small businesses to quickly install the certificates and readily prevent any upcoming cyberattacks with ease.


Businesses have been bearing the brunt of cyberattacks from hackers. Even small businesses are not saved from these attacks. They must also put up a strong defense against data breaches. They require website solutions that can ensure speedy issuance, support new technologies and be cost-effective.

You can get hold of a cheap RapidSSL certificate that will ensure that you utilize new technologies to protect your website. Moreover, the products also come with several trust factors that can improve your brand equity.

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