Questions you should never skip asking your injury lawyer

If you ever get involved in a car accident or crushed by a car, there are few questions that you should never forget to ask your lawyer. If you are unaware of some critical points, it may benefit the opponent over the case you filed. The basic questions you should ask your injury lawyer are:

Can I sue the driver?

Most of the cases are filed to receive compensation from the culprit. But most car accidents involve insurance, so the victim can claim compensation from his/her insurance company. On the other hand, if the victim doesn’t have any sort of insurance against the car accident, he can file a complaint against the driver for the purpose of receiving the claim.

Is it relevant to file a claim?

It is obvious that if you have been injured because of some third person, he/she will be responsible for paying off medical bills incurred by you. You are not required to explain how deep or severe your injury is, you will be eligible to receive a claim from the culprit. Usually, injuries caused in a car accident are not painful at first or at early stages but can cause chronic pains at later stages, so proper treatment should be taken up. Treatment of such injuries is quite costly, so you should definitely ask for a claim. You can discuss with your Car Accident Attorney In McAllen TX the amount of claim to be charged from the culprit.

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What should I communicate with the insurance company?

In most cases, the culprit’s insurance company contacts the victim and offers him/her the amount of claim under few conditions. The victim is usually not aware of his/her rights, the amount of claim he/she is eligible for, and the intentions of the at-fault driver. It is advisable that you should not say much to the insurance company. You should only state the time and date when the accident took place. Additionally, you should also tell them that you have sought your medical bills. If you say anything beyond this, it may give the other party an advantage over the case.

Am I at fault for the accident?

The culprit’s insurance company will try to put the blame on you to reduce the amount of claim they have to pay to the victim. It is legal to reduce the amount of claim according to the fault of the victim. If not entirely, they will try to put the blame for the accident on you part to reduce the amount of compensation. It is advisable that you discuss this issue with your lawyer. The insurance company may guide you wrong to fulfill their intentions, so even if you broke some rule due to which the accident occurred, you should ask for guidance from your lawyer rather than the insurance company.

What if my claim value is more than what the insurance company is offering?

In few cases, the claim value is worth more than what the insurance company is giving. There are various alternatives available to cover up the difference between the cost of damages and injuries caused to you and insurance companies claims. You can adopt one of them by discussing it with your lawyer.

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