Protect yourself from Bitcoin Scams

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One should be shocked if he does not read news about bitcoin scams or any other scams these days because now and then, anything that gains power brings the risk of fraud and loss. 

How do Bitcoin Scams work?

The Bitcoin scam is similar to other types of fraud. Scammers utilize a variety of tricks to get you to believe in them. They lure you with offers like double coins or limited-time bargains, as well as celebrity sponsorships. And then they vanish into thin air once they’ve gotten what they want. You will be unable to contact them. You’ve also misplaced your bitcoin. Remember that bitcoin transactions are irreversible.

Safeguard your Bitcoin

When you buy bitcoin, you’ll need a place to store it, just like you’ll need a bank account or a physical wallet. Digital wallets are one example. They’re a computer program that connects to the Bitcoin network and stores Bitcoin. In the same way that bank cards have account numbers, digital wallets have a unique address that others may share when making a transaction. There are numerous more methods for keeping your bitcoin aside from digital wallets, such as cold and hot wallets, hardware wallets, offline wallets, paper wallets, physical coins, and so on. Each one, though, is dependent on how you want to utilize your bitcoin.

Protecting yourself from Bitcoin Scams

  1. Do your research: Even if you have someone who can explain everything about trading and bitcoin to you, you must learn something by studying. You will gain the ability to distinguish between a legitimate and a fraudulent website. 
  2. Do not follow the herd: Just because your friend is buying a bitcoin from this particular site doesn’t mean you do so too. Avoid peer pressure, as it won’t help if you lose your coins. And in case you still lose your coin to a scam, know that few firms will help you in bitcoin scam recovery by conducting full-fledged research based on the information you provide to them. These firms consist of lawyers, legal advisors, financial specialists, and fund recovery firms who will all come together to devise a plan to get your bitcoin back. 
  3. Beware of fraudsters: Fraudulent websites are one of the most popular ways to defraud bitcoin investors. First, you must verify that the website you are seeing is the official one and not a spoof. There’s a risk involving leading you to a fraud link instead of the original one upon payment; criminals frequently change the site’s connection to obtain bitcoins. The simplest way to check for this is to make sure the URL of the website you’re on begins with “HTTPS” rather than “HTTP.”
  4. Keeping track of your transactions: Always check in to your crypto wallets. Even though you are not buying or selling anything, just have a regular check because you never know when an unexpected transaction can occur and you lose all your money. 
  5. Fake apps: Do not fall prey to fake apps. Millions of apps look the same but with minute changes. Such logos are fake apps. Only download the app after you are sure of its realness. 
  6. Trust is crucial: Trusting the online exchange and the broker where you invest or sell cryptocurrencies. Because if you are not sure that he is a genuine broker, then all the money you invested, including the taxes you were asked to pay to withdraw cash, all will be gone before you even know it. 
  7. Keep your keys safe: All crypto wallets have two keys: a public one that the others can use to transfer your virtual currency and a private, hidden one that only you can use to ‘log in’ and make payments to others. The private key is just for your use; do not share it with anyone and preserve a backup of it. Also, avoid storing it in a conspicuous location, such as an email or calling a document ‘crypto wallet key,’ This will make it easy for a hacker to find it if any of your other wallets are hacked.
  8. FCA: The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a regulatory organization that monitors scams and registrar for trading firms. You can use this list to see if an app or website has been registered with this website.
  9. Click here: You must have come across many advertisements on social media to earn huge profits by just investing some fee and by clicking on the “click here” symbol. However, do not click on them as they may lead to significant losses. 
  10. Invest only if you understand: Never invest in something unless you know what you’re doing or have a good understanding of what it does. Only invest in choices that you are confident about. Don’t put money into something you don’t fully comprehend. You should reconsider your selection if you cannot explain the investment fund in a few words that anyone can understand.
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