Pros and Cons of Moving Austin, Texas

Before moving to Austin, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of living in this capital city of Texas. We don’t want to see you regretted after moving here. 

Though Austin is a vibrant city, remember, this area is conservative and belongs to the traditional ideas in people’s hearts. If you are an outdoor guy and love to spend time in outdoor activities, Austin is ideal for you. This city is blessed by alternative music. 

Living cost is quite affordable compared to the other bigger cities. The weather is moderate all year round which is a big plus for sure. Schooling options are also diversified. But, all of these not means that Austin has no disadvantages. 

So, before taking one of the most important life decisions, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of living and moving to Austin. 


Buying a property in Austin is a very good decision and worth the investment. But, yes the rent in Austin is a bit higher than the other significant cities of this state. The rent of East riverside apartments in Austin is a bit cheaper than the other areas of this city and this area is perfect for both families and young professionals. 

Weather in Austin

The best part of Austin is its winter which is short and mild. Unlike most of the northern major cities, people’s life is not restricted here in the bitter cold. 

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The biggest downside of Austin is its summer temperature which breaks records continuously. Sometimes it becomes unbearable and life becomes tough to lead the common activities normally. Airconditioner is a must for Austin residence which causes an extra living cost. 

Working in Austin

With the boom of Tech-based startups and other technology companies, Austin becomes a popular destination for tech-savvy persons. Plenty of jobs in this sector are available here and new companies are developed regularly as well as new job opportunities. The best part of these tech-related jobs is the salary and wages are really competitive and good enough comparing the city’s living cost. 

Getting around in Austin

You must need a car to lead a better quality of life. You can’t rely on public transportations only.  The traffic in Austin is horrible sometimes, mainly, those who are living in the downtown area. The main reason behind this is the rising population and newly moved people. The city authority can’t manage the roads and highways properly after increasing the number of people significantly.  

So, think twice, if you really don’t like to stick on the road for hours then forget about Austin. 

The good news is public transportation is now developing day by day in Austin which makes things easier and easier. Besides the bus and rail service, the newly introduced car-sharing schemes and e-hailing play an important role to improve the city’s traffic and transportation issues. For the cyclist, this city is ideal for sure. 

Final Note

The lifestyle in Austin is passionate and electric. You will be amazed at regular activities, festivals, music shows, art exhibitions, and so on. But, you shouldn’t forget that still, the city is in Texas, the conservative and old thinking is a regular practice here.

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