Post-Pandemic Comic-Con Cosplay Ideas

As the world reopens, cosplay fans can rejoice at the sight of the first Comic-Cons announcing their return.

But, after a year of only dressing up at home, you might be feeling a little stuck for ideas for your next big event.

Luckily, this post will provide you with a few ideas that will certainly be popular this year and next.

1. Genshin Impact

Amber from Genshin Impact may not be everyone’s favorite character, but she’s perfect for showing your cosplay skills.

The game has taken in millions in revenue already and is home to beautiful landscapes, costumes, and storylines.

To get the Amber aesthetic, you’ll need a long brown wig, red coat and headband, brown shorts, thigh-high boots, and a brown shirt. For the additional details, puff paint is great for creating a gold embroidery effect quickly and on a budget.

2. Space Jam

With the return of the pop-culture classic, now with a new storyline and a new basketball star, you can guarantee there will be plenty of Space Jam cosplays this year. Whether you choose to dress as LeBron James or try a more difficult Looney Tunes character, there are plenty of characters to choose from that offer a playful costume idea.

3. Final Fantasy VII

The remake of the original Final Fantasy franchise will open the doors to more cosplay costumes.

One character you could choose to make is Tifa. For this, you’ll need a white tank top and black skirt, suspenders, and protective arm guards.

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4. Attack on Titan

Fandom for Attack on Titan really died down after the initial release, but with the final season this year, you can guarantee there will be a few of your old favorites appearing at events around the globe. As season 4 has already finished, there will be high demand for Survey Cop and Titan Demon costumes – meaning you might be able to take the easy way out and grab yourself an affordable, complete costume online.

5. Suicide Squad

With the recent release of the second Suicide Squad film, you can probably dig out your old cosplay supplies and re-use them. Many of the characters return in the sequel with, of course, Harleyquinn taking the limelight.

6. WandaVision

Another great season from the past year is WandaVision. Marvel fans will enjoy taking a stab at a new character with Scarlet Witch. To start, you’ll need a deep red crown, gloves, and a leather-look top. Black pants can be accessorized with a striking silver belt buckle. Of course, you can’t forget the crimson cloak to finish the look.

7. Black Widow

Again, for Marvel fans, Black Widow is going to be another hot cosplay idea for 2021. But rather than dive in with Scarlett Johansson, Yelena Belova is a great alternative (and let’s face it, the film was so much more about her).

You’ll still need the white jumpsuit but can’t forget her favorite leather waistcoat.

These seven ideas are just the beginning. Take a look back on things you’ve read, watched, and loved this year to find the perfect cosplay idea for your first post-pandemic event.

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