Planning Warehouse Space: Here’s what you Need to Know

In modern times, we are facing a serious problem of space because of population explosion, urbanization, and commercialism. Warehouses charge quite a lot because there is not sufficient space available for subletting. The whole demand and supply conundrum has resulted in increased storage costs in warehouses. If you are thinking of having a warehouse for your business, you might under-estimate your requirements considering the cost of warehouse space, and thinking to get just accurate space for the warehouse. Other than your storage capacity, you might not consider other factors that must be your areas of concern. However, this practice can actually cost you more once viewed in wholesome. In this article, we have discussed a few considerations that you must keep in mind to have a fair idea about the space required for your business needs, and how you can utilize it to benefit from it to its maximum.

1. Dock Equipment

Dock shelters are helpful for keeping out undesired elements such as dust, bugs, rain rodents as well as hot and cold air from entering your building. In a warehouse, you would want to have dock equipment for ease, convenience, and protection. So, when you are thinking of setting up a warehouse for your business, make sure to consider the pros and cons attached to this, while you decide to include this feature in your facility.

Newly built buildings typically include dock shelters or hydraulic dock levelers. Automated docks are more efficient and responsive, that is why more and more people prefer them over manual dock plates. The ease and convenience to operate them are another reason for this preference. You can always install a dock in an already constructed warehouse; however, there must be sufficient room for the equipment to be installed.

Dock equipment such as dock locks and safety lights allow trucks to perform the job more safely as they minimize safety hazards. With the help of this equipment, you can prevent trucks from pulling out prematurely. With more equipment, you can see the inside of the trailer.

2. Electrical Requirements

In new construction, you might overlook the electricity requirement of the facility and its capacity. With lift trucks and stock pickers, make sure there is sufficient capacity to fulfill the charging requirements. If the equipment requires 440 volts, it cannot be entertained with two 220 volts connections. This problem could arise at any facility. Most of the time, lifts require 480V 3-Phase, however, the required connection is not installed in all facilities. Therefore, you have to make sure that the required connection is installed. Of course, you can always ask the truckers to use a vehicle compatible with the installed electricity connection; however, this is not the possibility always. You have to make sure that the electrical connections are compatible with those used by conveyors, automation, and other equipment. Also, it is significant not to rule out power requirements for small parcel sortation.

3. Building Shape and Footprint

The storage capacity of a facility relies on a building’s shape as well. It might sound illogical but the fact is that some buildings appear small, but they offer more storage than those which appear comparatively big. The efficiency of a facility is affected significantly if it is leased to accommodate a large number of tenants. In these cases, the expansion pattern is incremental which creates a problem with time and increased workflow. The disruptions created by tenants increase the overall cost of operations. You can design a facility to minimize disruptions by understanding the impact of building on productivity and performance.

Also, the productivity of a facility can be affected due to overhead cranes that take up space. This space could otherwise be put into good use for storing items.

Final Words:

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