Perform Seamless Networking Using Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches

When the question arises that whether the Cisco WS-2960CX-8PC-L series switches support the Cisco switch’s clustering technology, then the answer is that it most definitely does. These series switches can be quickly and effectively managed using the new Cisco network assistant software, which uses the advanced technology of Cisco switch clustering. Cisco network assistant Advanced software air is a network management application that is PC based that’s optimized for LANs of medium and small-sized businesses. About 250 users can use this network without worrying about switch clustering because this network management provides a fantastic system of supporting high-end user networks. If you’re using the Cisco catalyst 2960 series, this software will provide centralized management of all the Cisco routers, switches, and WLAN access points. Overall, it is the perfect software that supports a very comprehensive range of intelligent Ethernet Cisco Catalyst WS-2960CX-8PC-L switches. Users can easily manage and configure an extensive range of switch functions and start the Cisco wireless access points and Cisco routers’ device manager. Design all possible because of the user-friendly GUI. The plus point you like about this Cisco network assistant is that you can easily download it from the Cisco website at no cost.

More about Cisco network assistant

You will get a Cisco network assistant that does old work of an integrated management interface, which mostly involves helping users to manage using the entire LAN with one robust tool, and delivering all sources of intelligent services. Administrators are offered various benefits by the Cisco network assistant, which was only previously used for some of the most complex networks. The Cisco network assistant does this quite simply by bringing in the traditional or the old form of LAN switching to the intelligent services, for example, Security ACLs, multicast, multilayer switching, and QoS. Moreover, the Cisco network assistant guide mode also offers its user enhanced help that they can get from online for any context-sensitive assistant. This mode also helps guide the user through high-end features configuration. But this is not all there is to this network assistant; you’ll also find a Solution Wizard which provides configuration that takes place automatically on the switch for any video conferencing and video streaming.

Supporting connectivity options

There are several standards-based connectivity options that the Cisco network assistant supports. Among these options are the Cisco fast EtherChannel Technology, fast Ethernet, Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet channel connectivity, and gigabit Ethernet. The main advantage of Cisco switch clustering technology is that it is not controlled or restricted by the Interconnection media, stacking cables, and proprietary stacking modules. Due to this reason, the Cisco network assistant is not only able to expand the traditional cluster domain beyond single wiring classes, but it also lets the user combine the various interconnections with meeting the particular performance, cost requirements, and specific management. In the Cisco switch cluster, the Cisco catalyst 2960 series switches can be configured as either a member or as command switches. Whenever a primary command fails the Cisco network assistant allows the user to assign a specific redundant or standby command switch to check the commander’s duties.

Other important features

The Cisco network assistant also includes the ability to configure numeral switches and ports at the same time. You can also perform various software updates across the whole cluster simultaneously. The link reports and band with graphs also provide beneficial diagnostic information and a topology map that gives them an exact and quick view of the entire status network.

Positioning: the advantages of Cisco catalyst 2960 and LAN Lite switches compared to standard image switches

There are new software and hardware architecture in the Cisco WS 2960CX 8PC L LAN Lite switches that simplify network troubleshooting and deployment and result in higher reliability.


You can get more consistency with the LAN Lite IOS to help you with the rest of the catalyst switching portfolio in its entire command-line interface. Furthermore, with the help of dual-purpose Gigabit uplinks, you can get increased flexibility in the deployment that is quite helpful instead of using the fixed fiber ports. You can get highly secure management with SNMPv3, SCP, and SSL with the use of LAN Lite IOS software. The network troubleshooting and deployment Sa simplified even war with features, for example, IP address DCHP, Auto-MDIX, and TDR.

Cisco Catalyst 2960CX-8PC-L series software update

You can quickly obtain a no additional cost Cisco iOS software update available for startup business core catalyst switches and particular fixed configuration at no cost. In addition to this, as long as the product stays with, you will get software updates within the Cisco IOS software package you have purchased, and it will be made available as soon as it comes out.

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