Partner Visa 820 in Australia? What do You Need to Know?

Suppose you are planning on living in Australia with your partner. In that case, you are most likely wondering how to apply for a partner visa. Unfortunately, partner visas are only available. This blog post will include all the data about partner visas, including what documents need to be submitted and where to find a partner visa 820 agent to help make this process easier. 

What is Partner Visa 820?  

The partner Visa 820 is a program that allows foreigners to live and work in Australia with their families. It’s one of several visas available through the Immigration Department, so be sure you check out all your options before deciding. 

A Visa is a legal document that allows the bearer to enter another country legally. It can be stamped into your passport or any other document with an adhesive quality and affords specific rights in host countries based on what type it may represent, such as tourist vs work visas; there are many types available.  

Partners who share the same goals and dreams as their partners in Australia can apply for a Partner Visa. This category provides permanent residency to those already living here. However, it also grants temporary residence during the application process if they wait for another visa class, like work or student status, from abroad.  

Temporary partner visas allow people to live in Australia as long as they want. The immigration and border protection department assesses your application under combined criteria, which means you will have a chance at getting either type – temporary or permanent–depending on where it falls within those categories. 

The applicant must be in a permanent relationship with their Australian partner for three years or more. They can also show that both partners have been living together as husband/wife during this time. Those granted the visa will enjoy its benefits until it expires five years after approval-time. However, there are some conditions attached to get your application approved first. 

Things Needed To Get Partner Visa 820

1-Get your documents prepared

To get a visa, provide documents that verify your identity and immigration status in the country. Many types of these certificates can range from something as simple as an old photo with the date on it all the way up to more complicated ones, like having copies made for each occasion when needed (such as certified single conforming status).

2-Lodge your Application

The Australian government requires that all applicants for partner visas go through an application process that covers filling out forms and offering them proper documentation. Once approved, their local office will contact your sponsor – who has agreed to take you in as a guest to ensure permanent residency.

3-Get a decision from DHA

The Australian government has created a way for citizens and residents of other countries to apply online, which will lead them towards getting themselves invited into permanent residency! The process takes about four months, from the beginning until completion. 

Wrapping Up 

If you are preparing on coming to Australia and want freedom of movement, then Partner Visa 820 will suit your needs. It does come with some requirements, but if these can be met, it may open up a whole new world for yourself.  

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