Overcoming Test Anxiety with Some Simple Steps

It doesn’t matter how well you have prepared for tests or how familiar you are with the specific subject or chapter; test anxiety is something that becomes unavoidable in many cases. And when you don’t address it, it can ruin your test performance even after revising every chapter for the whole week. 

But there is nothing to worry about test anxiety as just by following a few simple steps, you can overcome it and perform better. Landon Schertz – this blog post will discuss some common tips that you can use for overcoming anxiety and improving your test results. 

Getting sufficient rest

Proper sleep and rest are directly linked to your academic performance, and this is why you should not get so much involved in the test preparation that you start skipping the rest routine and even disturb the sleep cycle. Without proper rest, even the best practice will go in vain, and this is why getting sufficient rest is necessary.

Make sure to get proper sleep just before the test day as it gives time for the brain to rejuvenate, and even the ability to focus during the test increases. It is recommended to get at least 8 hours of sleep before the test. 

Preparation before the test

This might sound like the most obvious thing you need to do before the test, but it bears repeating. You must feel confident about your preparation as this will help you feel more confident while walking in the test room. You should never leave anything to guesswork and revise as many times as possible. 

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You should make a proper revision routine before the test as this type of routine helps you stay on track, and you can cover all the chapters. Without proper preparation, you might make mistakes in those questions that you knew well, as lack of preparation leads to a lack of confidence. 

Getting to class or testing hall early.

If you feel rushed before the test, then this will only amplify the anxiety, and thus the situation will worsen. If you want to avoid this situation and manage anxiety, you should get up early on the test day and reach the test hall or class early. This gives you time to prepare your mind for the test. 

By reaching the test hall or class early, you can also make yourself familiar with the environment, and thus you will feel more comfortable during the test. This is necessary from the mental preparation point of view as well

Nurturing a positive attitude

Feeling positive before and during the test is important as it boosts your confidence and helps you attempt questions with ease. For maintaining a positive attitude, you can bring a photo of your happy place and give it a look just before entering the test hall or class. 

But if you don’t have any picture of your happy places, you can develop a mantra that can boost your morale. For example, ‘I know I can do this, ‘All is Well,’ or ‘I have worked and deserve to get good marks.’ Just recite this mantra before entering the class or test hall and see the change in your perception. 

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Test anxiety is nothing to worry about, but at the same time, it should be addressed with the proper approach. All the tips mentioned in this blog post are easy to adopt or follow, but they are highly effective for every type of test.

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