Nine Ways To Style Oversized Jackets

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Style and fashion are elements that remain fluid until the end of time. With a new trend popping up every few weeks, it gets a little challenging to keep up with every creation of the fashionistas from far and wide. Amongst all the different styles and fashion needs for each season, oversized jackets seem to outlast them all. 

It is a trend that we completely obsess over and continue to follow for years on end. The roomy, boxy jackets in Spring and Summer and the layered, creampuff coats in the chilly months are not only flattering but also essential for adding a little fashionable flair to any outfit. 

Essentially, an oversized jacket is an external layer to your outfit that helps you pull everything together. Whether you like to style busy prints like Sara Jessica Parker, or you would much rather stick to the monochromatic beige coats favored by Megan Markle, here is a concise guide about how to style oversized jackets in multiple ways. 

How To Pick The Perfect Oversized Jacket For Your Body-type?

Before we delve into the styling aspect of the conversation, let’s take a minute to unravel how can you find the perfect plus size leather jacket

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The most significant factor at play is the shoulder seam that pretty much makes or breaks a deal. The goal is to make sure that the seam does not drop more than two inches below the shoulder joint. Anything lower would look slouchy and unkempt instead of the refined look. 

The sleeves should be a little longer than the arm’s length. If it extends an inch over your wrist bone, then you can count yourself lucky. Not only will you get cozy coverage for your skin in the sun and the tattoo sleeve on the street, but it will also keep your arm shielded from the weather as you continue to move and walk your way through the day. 

The dropped shoulder trend has been a little too popular in the last few years, but we believe 2021 is the year we can reel back the eccentricities and enjoy something classic and regular, perhaps?

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How To Style An Oversized Jacket?

Here are a few ways you can oomph up the style quotient!

Star Of The Show

When styling an oversized, external layer, you must make sure that it is the star of the outfit. Instead of layering 36 different pieces underneath, try to make sartorial choices that highlight the expensive leather coat you have splurged on! 

Find Your Fit

The rule of thumb for styling leather or any oversized jacket is to make sure that the other pieces you wear below the jacket are tight enough to fit like a glove on your body. A pair of stockings and a body-hugging sheath dress would help you look polished and put together in no time. 

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You can button up your favorite jumbo denim jacket up to the base of your neck. You can even opt for a belted coat to emphasize your silhouette instead of the coat. 

A slimmer bottom like a pair of skinny jeans with a chunky winter jacket would work exponentially for your final look. 

Accessorize To Save The Day

The best way to glamorize a dull, oversized coat is to accessorize it. You can add a bright scarf or a luxuriant handbag to pull off a stellar look. Chunky boots or suede court shoes can all fit right into the equation. If you are an individual who likes to experiment a little, then you can even opt for some elongated earrings or some chunky necklaces to ace the look. 

How To Style A Single Oversized Jacket Multiple Ways?

If you have one oversized jacket that fits all the criteria for the perfect fit, then you can use it as a staple and rotate it throughout the year. Here are a few styles you can adopt to keep the pair subtle without anyone realizing that it’s the same jacket!

White Sneakers With A Sweater Dress

When the wind is a little cold, and you don’t have enough time to pull up a good outfit, then you can save the day with your oversized coat. Just grab the first sweater or sheath dress you find, pair the jacket with it and put on your white sneakers to get a chic outfit in five minutes max.

Leather Pants, Plain Shirt, And A Bit Of Plaid

If you like the Fall vibe, then you can pair black pants with a plaid shirt for your oversized jacket to look good. But if you want to experience the Hailey Bieber look of leather on leather, then you can take a casual tee-shirt and pair it up with some leather pants and an oversized leather jacket. And voila! You look like a model off the ramp. 

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A High-Rise Denim And Crop-Top

Another convenient and quick way to look acceptable on a Sunday hideout is to wear your favorite crop top with high-rise denim under the long coat. And who styles it better than Victoria Beckham! You can leave the external wear unbuttoned and also wear a pair of sneakers to keep the look casual but also cute. 

Graphic Tee-Shirt, Leather Skirt, And Boots

If the rock-chic energy resonates with you, then perhaps you can go a little Coachella with your jacket. Get a graphic tee-shirt of choice and leather skirt, add ankle booties to the mix, and wear a bold rep lip. This is a recipe for fatal attraction!

Some Silk And High Heels.

The jacket can be styled a little fancy with a beautiful silk dress and some high heels. Get a simple silk slip and some extra-long heels to look like a sophisticated lady in town. Add minimal earrings and a little pendant or bracelet, and you are ready to rock the day. 

Distresses Denim And A Basic Button-Down

Feeling a little low? Planning to camouflage in the background? Take a plain button-down shirt with distressed jeans. Wear simple footwear that is comfortable and top off the look with the jacket. And you are ready to hideaway. 

Final Thoughts

Fashion is fun, it is exciting, and, most importantly, it is experimental. You can take your time through trial and error to find the outfits that work best for you. And one day, when you have your personal style figured out, we are sure that you will come back to find us!

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