Need for Clean Room in Different Industries

Normally, it is believed that clean rooms are required only for pharmaceuticals and other medical purposes. However, in today’s era the usage of clean rooms has not remained confined to these industries only. Instead, many other industries also require a clean room. A clean room is designed to fulfill the strictest requirements of standards and to meet precision specifications of industry practices; it is critical to manage and maintain clean environment. To make sure that a clean room provides optimum quality, enhanced quality controls are to be ensured for adhering to the highest standard of cleanliness and strict industry practices. In this article we have discussed 6 ways a clean room is used by various industries.

1. Aerospace

The aerospace industry requires an ideal environment to perform experiments. One small glitch here or there, and the whole project can be a failure. Aerospace industry requires clean room and its state-of-the-art enhancements for simulations and to create a space-like environment for performing experiment. Manufacturing of aerospace tools such as lasers also require a clean room so that there is no pollutant or contaminant in its manufacturing. Presence of even a small pollutant can compromise the quality of products, process, and the whole project. It can even lead to disastrous results. Space-flight lasers require absolute accuracy because they are used for charging aerial vehicles batteries as well.

The purpose of some aerospace lasers is to vaporize space debris in the earth’s orbit. They are designed particularly with this purpose in mind. Therefore, they need clean room to be come up with lasers that are contamination-free.

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2. Optics

While smartphone cameras and DSLRs have made almost all of us quite great photographers, the real reason lies in the high-quality lenses of these cameras. These lens cannot be made in an ordinary room. They require cleanroom technology to comply with the strict standards of lens manufacturing. Lens manufacturing must be done in an ultra clean room; one that is without any contamination. Moreover, the humidity and temperature must also be regulated and monitored to manufacture lenses that can capture precious moments.

3. Nanotechnology

Some people view nanotech cleanroom as a space devoted for manufacturing of semiconductors and electronics. In reality, its function stretches far beyond because it can be used by different industries; from food sector to fuel sector. Nanotechnology  cleanrooms are now making nanotech solar cells to uphold their promise towards green world. Nanotech solar cells are cheap to produce as compared to traditional cells. Furthermore, these comply with worldwide environment sustainability initiatives.

4. University Labs & Research Facilities

In educational institutions and other laboratories, even the presence of a small contaminant can put the make the whole activity a failure. It can get even worse by giving a wrong result or output. For an authentic and reliable experiment, cleanrooms are required to provide a thoroughly consistent environment for experimentation. Cleanroom provide a contamination-free environment for authentic and accurate results of a procedure.

5. Biological Safety

Scientists are often dealing with toxic biological agents that can become a health hazard for them and other staff working in that environment. For this reason, they need cleanrooms. Cleanrooms protect foreign contaminants from entering a protected environment, and vice versa. For example, while formulating a new drug, scientists might have to deal with dangerous virus or bacteria, on which a drug has to be tested. To provide a safe environment for testing, a clean room is required.

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6. Military Applications

Governments and machinery such as military need cleanrooms for various projects and experiments. Savvy gadgets and sophisticated technology requires cleanroom for their development. For example in order to create a noise cancelling technology for training pilots, clean rooms will be required to protect from the excessive noise exposure.

Final Words

Dynatec labs is a leading facility that provides Clean Room Certification Services as well as Clean Room Certification Training. Mandatory to various industries, these cleanrooms provide a optimum working environment that does not let any foreign element enter inside the defined zone, and also blocks the indigenous elements from leaving defined premises. To know more about our services, visit our products/services tab.

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