Must-Have Exemplary Italian Dishes At Your Party

There are many Italian dishes that are great in taste and presentation. But there are only a few that can be called exemplary because they are the ones that are best for a lunch or dinner party.

Follow The Traditional Italian Meal At Parties

Besides the exquisite Italian cuisine that is ordered from Italian Food Shop; you have to know the way in which they have to be served or what is the tradition.

Various Number Of Courses

A traditional Italian meal that is served at a party or family gatherings consists of at least 7 to 9 courses. The main reason for this is that people get more time to spend with each other and socialize.

  • Starters

This consists of alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks with occasional snacks if the party is to start at brunch time. The starter can consist of foods like cheese, fruits, olives, nuts, dip sauces, and crisps.

  • Antipasto

This also comes in the category of starters which has a wide variety of cold and sometimes raw foods ordered from the best Italian Food Shop. But the basic difference is that it is heavier than the starter and lighter than the main course.

  • Primary Course

This course has mostly dishes made of vegetables and seafood. You will notice that the previous course is a little lighter than the next one. This is because to condition the stomach gradually for the next.

  • Second Course

Second is the one that has all kinds of meat in it; which are cooked with other staple products of Italy. You can order these dishes from different stores like Sogno Toscano for authentic food.

  • The Side Dishes

You can compare it with the salads that are available at a buffet. These are all vegetables which are sometimes cooked or served raw; also you can serve them hot or cold.

  • Dolce and Coffee

When you are done with the main course; it is time to treat your guests with traditional Italian coffee and sweets. This is also referred to as digestive to help in the digestion of the meal.

Exemplary Italian Dishes From Italian Food Shop

There are hundreds of Italian dishes to choose from and each comes from a different region of Italy. But you can play safe and order the following simple but famous foods of Italy.

  • The Conventional Pizza From Italy

This is a thin crust pizza; unlike the ones that are in the other parts of the world. This has sliced tomatoes, with the topping of mozzarella cheese and basil.

  • Variety In Lasagna

It is a type of pasta that is flat like a sheet; which is prepared with a handful of other ingredients and topped with white creamy sauce.

  • Risotto With Alternatives

It is a soup-like dish with has lots of different flavors and is also popular amongst the Italians. Risotto prepared with seafood and mushrooms is the most favorite amongst all others.

  • The Favorite Gelato

Gelato is the most popular Italian dessert as it is simple but contains sugar, milk, flavorings, fruit puree, and nuts.

  • Panna Cotta

The cream is mixed with gelatin and sugar and heated to form a pudding consistency. You can add other flavors to it to make it unique.

  • Italian Tarts

Another dessert that you can get from the Italian Food Shop is the pie or tart. They can be served as a whole large piece or baked into individual servings.

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