Can you mend a cracked iPhone screen?

Can you fix a cracked iPhone screen? This is the question I’ve heard every other day. Because I’m a phone repairer by profession. I fix different phones every day. Sometimes its battery issue, the client visits me for fixing the cracked screen.

Nowadays there are many cell phone companies in the market competing with each other in the race of best quality, durability, latest design, upgraded operating system, and many other features.

The quality of the mobile phone is changed along with the price. You can never get the new features in old ones. With the arrival of new models, the working and efficiency of previous models get down.

The main thing in any phone is its screen. Specifically, in smartphones, the display screen performed both input and output functions. The screen is the sensitive and delicate part of the phone. Yet it could smash in a sudden drop down or being under the pressure.

Many customers visit me for the fixing of their display screen. Sometimes it’s just a single crack, or sometimes the whole screen looks like a spider web with the cracks. A few days ago an iPhone user comes to my shop with his damaged phone, and ask me the same question.

Can you fix my iPhone screen?

First, I took a look at the phone, It was iPhone 7.  It has a big crack on the glass protector and I guess the screen will be broken too. I said yes I can fix it, but let me confirm one thing.

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I will charge $5.if only the protector is damaged. In case the screen is broken too the panel will have to be repaired and it will cost $30. He agreed on this price and left his phone in my shop for repair.

Then I started to repair that phone. I took out my tool kit. First of all, I removed the glass screen protector. After removing the protector it took a few seconds to understand that the display screen is badly damaged.

What’s inside my tool kit?

  • Suction Cup Pliers
  • Heat Gun
  • Magnetic Mat
  • Tiny Screw Drivers
  • Magnifying Glass

Suction cup Pliers

I took suction cup pliers from my kit to separate the screen from its back cover. A suction cup plier is a great tool for iPhone users if you try to check inside and fix something. It has 2 ends, one is attached to the back and the 2nd one is attached to the front screen.

Simply squeeze the handles and separated the screen from the rest of the phone.

Heat gun

The heat gun is used to soften the gum which is used as an adhesive that binds the phone from inside. If you don’t have a heat gun you can also use the hairdryer for this purpose.

Magnetic Mat

Whenever I repair cell phone I used a magnetic mat for the tiny screws. This mat helps me to hold the screws, organize them, and prevented them from getting lost.

Tiny screwdrivers

As we all know that cell phone parts are very small and very tiny screws are used in it. So, to unscrew these parts, very little size screwdrivers are being used.

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Magnifying Glass

Cell phone parts are very tiny. Even if you have good eyesight, you still need magnifying glass while repairing the phone.

So, with the help of these tools, I repair that phone, fix the new panel, and returned the phone to its user. Always get the right tools for the repair.

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