Meet Rhonda Britten: America’s Favorite Life Coach

Meet Rhonda Britten: America's Favorite Life Coach

Rhonda Britten is famous for teaching people how to master fear. But before she became an author, speaker, and founder of the KiFearless Living Institute, she had to battle her demons as well.
Here, you’ll learn more about her inspiring story and how it has transformed her into the US’ favorite life coach.

Rhonda Britten: A Story of Success

Compared to other self-help experts, Rhonda Britten, Emmy Award winner and repeat Oprah guest, didn’t live a life of fancy.
Her heartbreaking story started at the tender age of 14 when the author became the unwilling witness to the murder-suicide of her parents. For 20 years, she lived a life of blame, self-doubt, and addiction. She sought everything, from therapy to improvement workshops, yet nothing seemed to work.
After surviving her third suicide attempt, Rhonda decided that it’s time for her to finally change her life.
This led her to create her world-famous method called Fearless Living. True to its name, this pathway is about cutting through false beliefs, negative thoughts, and unsettling fears.
With the Fearless Living method, you can uncover the roots of your fears. At the same time, it introduces you to tools that can help you get over the feeling of not being good enough.
The result? Exuding confidence and a world of numerous possibilities!

Award-Winning Reality Television Host and Author

Her highly effective method made Britten the life coach of the first reality show of its kind: Life Doctor. The show was eventually renamed ‘Help Me Rhonda’ in the second season.
This was not her last TV foray, though. The life coach also put her fearless living skills to the test in ‘Starting Over,’ an NBC reality television show. To date, she has starred in 600 episodes viewed by millions of people worldwide.
Rhonda has also authored several books, including “Fearless Living,” Wheel of Fear,” “Change Your Life in 30 Days,” and “Do I Look Fat in This?”
She also hosts a free video series titled ‘Stretch, Risk, or Die.’ With this, you’ll discover the fear that has been holding you back.
For auditory learners, Rhonda offers the ‘Master Coach Mindset.’ These episodes are designed to help listeners master the art of coaching. As a bonus, this comes with a free downloadable Fearbuster Coaching Toolkit as well.
Rhonda’s coaching expertise earned her a lot of acclaim. The New York Times named her Most Valuable Player, while TV Guide dubbed her as the US’ favorite life coach. She has also been recognized as Smart Woman of the Year and Coach of the Year.
Thanks to her vast experience, Rhonda has served as a key speaker in many forums and expos. She also helped coach many big companies, including Grumman, Southwest Airlines, & Blue Shield of California.

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Rhonda Britten and the Fearless Living Institute

Even with her books and television shows, Rhonda was always on a quest to help people achieve a positive change.
This led to the birth of the Fearless Living Institute, which was borne out of Rhonda’s desire to create a support network for people who need to conquer their fears. Starting as a small community, the Fearless Living Institute has grown into a collection of free introductory classes, in-person workshops, online services, and 7-day Starting Over programs.
It also hosts the same-named Fearless Living Training program, a 10-module course that helps participants achieve personal growth.

This comprehensive program was designed to help you:

  • Define and bust fear
  • Realize that your dreams are possible
  • Harness the power of feelings and develop your inner critic
  • Achieve peace of mind
  • Master your fears forever
  • Identify your real self
  • Love yourself and honor your needs
  • Set boundaries while staying in charge
  • Attract love and friendship

The Fearless Living Institute is not limited to customers, though. It also hosts the Train the Trainer program. Here, Rhonda helps passionate coaches support their clients’ needs.

What You Can Learn From Rhonda Britten

Whether you buy her books or sign up for her coaching services, you’ll learn these many helpful things from this acclaimed speaker:

  • How you can use acknowledgments to achieve self-love
  • How to find your calling even if you’re initially resistant to it
  • How to stop saying no and how you should say yes and get what you deserve in life
  • Why you need a dark experience to finally improve your reality
  • How to overcome your fear by conversing with it
  • Why you’re unable to accomplish the things on your to-do list
  • How to break free from the barriers that are holding you back
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If Rhonda Britten was able to overcome the bad things in her life, so can you. With her help, you can achieve fearless living and enjoy the courageous and happy life you deserve.

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