Major Reasons Why Student Visa Is Refused By Australian Government!

Has your Student Visa Subclass 500 been refused abruptly by the Immigration Department of Australia? In such a situation, you might feel utterly confused about which path to opt for subsequently. It’s pretty natural for you to think that way as you have applied for a Student Visa Subclass 500 for the first time! Well, it is not a thing that happens overnight and is incurred for many reasons. Yes, you have heard it right there are many compelling reasons behind the abrupt rejection of your student visa 500. A complete checklist of these reasons can be considered below.

  1. Inability to meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant or GTE criterion!

The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) is basically a statement that substantiates you as a genuine learner. It proves to the Australian Immigration Department that your desire to study in Australia is genuine. In no way shall it prove that you otherwise want to attain a Permanent Residency in Australia with the excuse of studying. So, you need to provide substantial evidence to present your Genuine Temporary Entrant as bona fide. You must provide a compelling statement in this matter which should be written in English. At times, failure to meet this criterion can lead to the sheer rejection of your student visa.

  1. Inadequate or erroneous documents!

Submission of inadequate or incorrect documents can also lead to the sudden rejection of your student visa. So, you need to gather and organize all your essential documents beforehand. So, check the ImmiAffairs website carefully to ascertain the document checklist. Even if you miss out on submitting the policy-code or the document for health-clearance, your visa will still be rejected. Some of the credentials which the Department of Home Affairs requires indispensably include the following:

  • The valid certificate of your English language examination
  •  A substantial National Identity Card
  • Each of the pages pertaining to the Household Registration Book
  •  An authentic Overseas Student Health Cover
  • A financial undertaking document with the genuine signature of the person (s) sponsoring the funds. Concrete evidence of your relationship with the pertinent party should also be provided along with and
  • Your valid Birth Certificate to name just a few

Remember, that failure to submit any of these documents can lead to the rejection of your student visa straightaway! Even if you submit a wrong document, the Australian Immigration Department won’t spare you. Instead, they will spurn your student visa500 without thinking twice.

  1. Erstwhile wrong deeds!

Have you already striven to access another nation before without any genuine intention to study? If so, then, you should know that it can also be one of the substantial reasons behind the sudden refusal of your student visa 500.  This is because all those immoral activities will be recorded by the pertinent nation for furthermore future correspondence. The Australian Immigration Department will be able to access these data without any hassle at all. Hence, they will reject your student visa right after coming across these bits of information.

Additional Information!                    

Fake entrance endeavors or creepy immigration records are enough to trigger the abrupt rejection of your student visa 500. So, if this time you wish to avoid this resentful situation, then, you need to qualify in the relevant character test. This test is usually conducted by an approved authority in relation to the immigration department of Australia. Besides, you also need to provide substantial police certificates if you stayed in some countries for twelve months. This stay duration must be within the past ten years and not before that.

  1. Insufficient or unsubstantial OSHC and welfare provisions!

One of the most substantial criteria of the student visa is the possession of an OSHC. Yes, every applicant of the student visa 500 must hold the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) without a failure. Besides, you should undergo a valid medical examination conducted by the Department of Home Affairs. Failure to meet either of these criteria will lead to the unexpected rejection of your student visa 500. If you are under eighteen years, then, you must show adequate good arrangements to the Department of Home Affairs.

Additional Information!

If you cannot show adequate welfare arrangements, your student visa application will be rejected right then. Again, you need to provide substantial documents to prove your insurance provider’s name concerning your OSHC. This criterion applies to students who are obtaining their health coverage from their education provider.  You can arrange your Overseas Student Health Cover by yourself too if you wish. Aside, the said documents should also be comprised of the commencement and conclusion date of your student health cover! Failure to meet these criteria will surely lead to the abrupt rejection of your student visa 500. 

  1. The dearth of Finance!

While applying for your student visa 500, make sure that you provide sufficient evidence to prove your financial capacity. This is because the Australian Immigration Department want to ascertain that you are adequately financially solvent. The same rule will apply to your sponsor a well. That’s how the DoHA will ensure that both you and your sponsor can afford your stay and study costs properly. If you fail to meet this criterion, then, your student visa 500 will be refused right at that point in time.

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