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List Of Cyber Security Courses in India

Cybersecurity is gaining an impetus across all countries, companies, and industries. Like other nations, it has earned a massive market in India. Several aspirants are taking cybersecurity courses and becoming an expert in the domain. After that, they join top companies and earn lucrative compensation. Do you know? The average salary of an Indian cyber security professional is around INR 753,000 per year. Besides, they gain additional perks when working as cybersecurity experts in India. 

You’re at the best place if something similar is concerning you! So, you have made the right decision by choosing cybersecurity as your career in India. Now, you might be willing to pursue a course in the domain. Right? But, how to select the best method for your preparation? 

Below, we’ll discuss all aspects of choosing the most suitable cybersecurity course. Also, you will get a list of all topmost cybersecurity courses in India, creating a buzz among recruiters and students. 

These sessions will help you build the perfect knowledge in some time. So, let’s identify the top cyber security course in India!

Prerequisites for enrolling in cyber security courses in India

So, are you ready to enrol in cyber security courses in India? 

You determine if you meet the cybersecurity course requirements to know the answer. Since cybersecurity is an advanced domain, it has several prerequisites that you should fulfil before taking the courses. 

Let’s begin our discussion by understanding the course eligibility criteria before doing anything else. 

• Bachelor’s degree in computer science

Cybersecurity, like it or not, is a complex topic. It is best to have prior computer science knowledge and a related Bachelor’s degree. 

It will provide a sufficient understanding of databases, computer networking, operating systems, and other related topics. These understandings are adequate for your profession.

  • Problem-solving skills

The best characteristic of a cybersecurity specialist is a genuine interest in solving complex challenges. So, before enrolling in the top cybersecurity courses, spend some time honing this skill. 

  • Decision-making skills

As a cybersecurity expert working for one of the industry’s top firms, you’ll be making quick decisions regularly. So, before enrolling in any course, work on honing your decision-making abilities. 

  • Computer networking

When going through the course material, you may encounter various moments where a basic understanding of CN may be beneficial. So, you may consider understanding computer networking fundamentals before enrolling in cybersecurity courses. Do you know?

  • Databases

Before enrolling in the premium cybersecurity courses in India, you can brush up on database principles. It will assist you in quickly processing subject knowledge. 

These skills will help you understand the advanced concepts discussed in the cybersecurity courses. 

Furthermore, you can brush the concepts right before joining a course to better absorb the outcomes in a short span. 

Now, let’s understand more about the cybersecurity courses in India. 

Skills you will build through these courses

Hopefully, you meet all the course requirements mentioned above. Now, it’s time to understand the skills you can develop by enrolling in these sessions. So, here are the skills you can create by taking a standard cybersecurity course: 

  • Database skills

You can dive deeper into databases and related concepts by enrolling in cybersecurity courses in India. Such an in-depth database understanding will help you become a skilled cybersecurity professional. 

  • Cryptography skills

Nowadays, most cybersecurity professionals have a knee-deep knowledge of cryptography. So, most courses will help you understand the subtle aspects of cryptography and become an expert in the domain. 

  • Linux skills

The enterprise servers are primarily Linux-based. These courses will walk you through Linux concepts for better performance in your professional endeavour. It will help properly understand the OS to defend the servers against cyber attacks.

  • Understanding of Attacks

The best defender should know the mechanisms behind attacks. So, the top cybersecurity courses help you understand all deadly invasions and their future versions. It will help you build better and more secure strategies. 

  • Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems

India’s best cyber security courses will help you understand firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). So, you can prevent fatal attacks en-route and avoid cyberattacks in the blink of an eye.

  • Mobile and web technologies

Mobile apps and websites are prone to cyber-attacks. So, these courses will help you learn several tactics to defend these problems from probable invasions.

These trending skills will help you understand cybersecurity and bag top jobs in India.

Moving on, let’s understand how to choose the best cybersecurity courses in the country.

How to choose the best cyber security course? 

Here are the features that you should seek when selecting the best cybersecurity course for yourself:

  • Live online classes

You can get better interaction and understanding with cybersecurity courses offering live classes. So, go for a training program that provides live sessions to the students.

  • Virtual internship certificate

Getting an internship certificate in your resume will help you build a better cybersecurity career. So, choose a certificate-offering course for the best outcomes.

  • Industry experts as instructors

You can look for cybersecurity courses taught by top-notch faculty members and industry specialists. 

  • Lifetime access to videos

Before registering for a session, ensure that all students have lifetime access to the lecture videos.

Now, it’s time to reveal the list of top cybersecurity courses in India. 

List of top cybersecurity courses in India

We have travelled a long journey from discussing the course prerequisites to understanding the skills you will learn. Now, it’s time to learn about the top-notch sessions that will change your career trajectory. Here are the best cybersecurity courses in India!

  • Advanced Executive Program in Cybersecurity – Simplilearn
  • Certified Ethical Hacker and Certified Information System Security Professional – Simplilearn
  • Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Red Team) – Jigsaw Academy with HackerU
  • PGP in Cybersecurity – Praxis Business School
  • Stanford Advanced Computer Security Program – Great Learning
  • PG Diploma/M.Tech in Cybersecurity – Reva University

Enrolling in any of these programs starts your journey in the cybersecurity domain. So, pick the most suitable session and begin learning at the earliest!

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