Items That You Need to Prepare for a College Party

If you are the one in charge of preparing a college party, you have to keep in mind that you have to set everything up so that the people who will go to your party will have fun. When you lack something like oil burner water bongs, you would have to look for it at the nearest store available and it may take minutes or even hours before a replacement or replenishment is done. What are the items that you should prepare for a college party?

College Party Essentials: Things to Prepare


One of the items that you should prepare beforehand is booze. Every college student will look for alcohol to have fun at the party. Without liquor, these college students will go outside to look for some themselves. You will not keep them at college parties unless there is alcohol involved. If you want to do it all by yourself, you will need to buy lots of alcohol of different kinds and just make them available for your partygoers. They can pour the alcohol by themselves into a paper cup that is near the jug or jar.

For those who have more budget, you can hire professionals to pour liquor to your guests. They will cost more but you will also get top-notch service through them.

Water bongs

College parties may need oil burner water bongs available. Not all college students are into water bongs but as the one who is preparing the party, you might as well set up a couple of these bongs available just in case someone asks for them. These water bongs are cheaper when bought in bulk. If you want to save money, you may want to buy wholesale and set them up in a corner of the room for those people who want to enjoy using these tools and products.

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College parties are not called as such unless you have loud music. First, you have to set up the speakers. You can hire a DJ to handle all of the audio equipment. This is to save you time to prepare for other things for the party. If you have your own speakers and you know how to prepare everything, you can set them all up by yourself. You just need to prepare a solid playlist for the people to have fun and enjoy the songs. You can mix it up by including old and new songs that have a good beat.


When preparing the venue for your college party, you should make sure that the lighting is good. There are variations of lighting that you want to consider. For the dance floor, you should have spotlights and moving headlights for added effect. The food section, on the other hand, must have ample lighting for the people to see the food. You also would not like people to not see the food that they want to eat.


A college party may need drinks but it also requires food for your guests. People will still look for food to consume while they drink some booze and talk to friends. Food options include pizza, burgers, nachos, or even sushi.



College parties have different themes. Your party may include pool parties or just get-to-know tone-down parties. But all of them have their essentials. College parties may include oil burner water bongs if you just want to chill and have fun with friends and other students. Whatever your college party is, you should prepare everything beforehand so that you will not lose momentum and you keep the party all day and all night long.

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