Is there a list with all the available bingo games calls?

One of the most well known aspects of the game of bingo is the bingo call. These unique phrases have become synonymous with the game – play bingo online today. Newer players often wonder if there is a list with all available bingo game calls.

Bingo Calls

Bingo calls are one of the most popular aspects of a bingo game. These calls are short phrases which are yelled out by the bingo caller, they are incredibly catchy and memorable with people who have never played bingo before being familiar with some calls. Bingo calls work very simply, when a ball is drawn the bingo caller will announce a short and snappy phrase which is linked to the number. For example, one of the most well known bingo calls is 88 two fat ladies. Bingo calls are usually relevant to the time period and country that they are made in, that’s what makes them so great. Modern bingo lingo is very different to the bingo calls of the past.

Bingo Sites

Online bingo sites will usually display their own version of traditional bingo calls for players to read. However, many online bingo games will not use a traditional bingo call. Instead, the bingo calls are made either by an automated voice or by an animation on the screen. It can be tough to decide on a bingo site, there are many factors which players should consider.

  • Variety of games – One of the main advantages that comes with using online bingo is the amount of bingo games available to play. When deciding on a bingo site to use, make sure that they offer a large variety of bingo variations to choose from. Most bingo sites will offer 75 and 90 ball bingo so keep an eye out for other variations too.
  • Payment methods – A good variety of payment methods is an indication of a top quality bingo site. As online bingo becomes more popular, there are an increasing number of payment methods to choose from, bingo sites should reflect this amount of choice.
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Why Play Bingo?

Bingo is one of the longest running games in history. It truly has stood the test of time, there have been many iterations of the game but the general principle has always stayed the same. There are many reasons to play bingo.

  1. It’s fun – Bingo is a game that is much more about the enjoyment rather than winning. There is a palpable excitement whenever you play bingo, especially if you are in a large group at a bingo hall.
  2. Variety – Bingo can be played at home thanks to online bingo and it can also be played at professional venues known as bingo halls with other groups of people. Both have their own significant advantages as they have separate but equally exciting social experiences to offer.


Bingo calls can usually be found on an online bingo site, this is because sometimes a bingo call will change depending where you are playing.

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