Is there a difference between a Sound Engineering & Sound Designing Course?

Sound designing and engineering can involve some similar skills, but they are not the same.

A sound designer is a person responsible for creating audio experiences for audiences. As a sound designer, you will be able to design sound for visual media. Like Films, TV, video games, Foley ( the reproduction of everyday sounds played on visual media), etc. Sound engineers work more on the technical aspects of audio and sound. They do work like recording, editing, manipulating, etc. A sound engineer is also an expert operator of various audio equipment. Looking to learn skills & pursue a creative role in the music industry? Read on to learn all about sound engineering and sound design courses in this blog post—

What is Sound designing?

As a sound designer, you will not only be able to design sound and compose original music. But also have the know-how of assembling sound effects or music for a movie, entertainment, games etc.

Sound designers know how to make a combination of audio systems– such as speakers, microphones, amplifiers etc. used for live audio events such as concerts, theatres, or broadcasts.

A sound design course will teach you—- audio postproduction for visual media, creative music production, music theory to composition and electronic production.

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What is Sound engineering?

Sound engineers are experts on the technical aspects of audio. It has more to do with recording, reproducing, or mixing sounds. A sound engineering course will teach you about several mechanical pieces of equipment and digital devices to deliver any sound.

Sound engineers also know how to place the pre-amp knobs, microphones, and other audio equipment etc. Hence, they are also known as audio engineers.

Career Outlook as a Sound Engineer

A qualified sound engineer will find endless career opportunities in the following platforms – TV, Film, News studios, Audio for Web or digital, Advertising, Radio, Live events, Theatre, Audio for Digital apps, audio for video games, etc. As a sound engineer, you will need to collaborate a lot and work closely with production professionals like music producers, TV news production teams, RJs, etc. For example, as a sound engineer, you can work with a musician or a record producer to help them give their tracks the desired sounds.

Career Outlook as a Sound Designer

Sound designing is as technical as it is creative. With the plethora of skills as a designer of music, you can make a rewarding and creative career as a: Foley artist, electronic music producer, sound designer for visual media (film, media, TV, etc.), music composer and supervisor, sound mixer et al.

A sound designer and engineer can often find work in very similar spaces within the music industry. A lot of the time, both will have similar conceptual understanding and skills. It is no doubt that in today’s modern recording industry, the right course will help you be career-ready by the time you finish your studies.

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