Is Netchex Worth Using for Your Business? Find Out Here!

Netchex happens to be one of the most popular payroll software solutions that are used by top organizations across the globe. It is cloud-based, fully automated, and designed to make payroll management easy.

Wondering whether you should use this software for your business or not? Read this in-depth review and find out if it is worth using or not!

Advantages of Using Netchex

Diverse Functionality

One of the major benefits of using Netchex is that it is a diverse program. Unlike other payroll software programs, it can be used for various purposes other than managing payroll.

For example, you can use it for the time and attendance management of your employees. Furthermore, it also helps with recruiting and onboarding. This tool can be used to perform various admin and management-related tasks as well.

Despite offering an array of other functions, it doesn’t deviate from its original feature – payroll management. It is designed in such a way that you can get payroll details in a jiffy.

The best part? You don’t need different login credentials to use its features. All the features can be accessed via a single username and password. Furthermore, there are demos available for each feature. This can give you an idea about their effectiveness and use.

Easy on the Budget

The budget is one of the major concerns for small-sized companies. They look for programs and solutions that offer maximum utility at a minimum budget. And Netchex offers exactly the same. This payroll software for accountants is easy on the budget and offers more utility than you can imagine because of its exceptional features.

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There are different payment plans to choose from, catering to the requirements of different companies. And if you don’t want to use all of its features, there’s an option to add selective ones to your programs and create a personalized plan.

A Smooth and Easy Interface

One of the key features of any software is its interface. If it isn’t smooth and easy to use, the software isn’t preferred by many as they need to hire experts for this purpose. This, somehow, kills the purpose of using the software in the first place.

Well, Netchex scores full marks in this regard as well. It has a smooth interface. You don’t need to be tech experts to use this program. However, the first-timer may need some assistance when setting up this program.


HR personnel has this important task on their shoulders to create year-end payroll reports. And it can take days for them to come up with them since they have to sort and edit huge chunks of data.

With the use of Netchex, this task can be performed in a matter of a few minutes. It uses the data that it has stored and creates reports in different formats. You can see its demo to know how it creates reports.

Tax Management

One of the major liabilities of a business is to fulfill tax responsibilities. It holds great importance as if a company fails to do so, it can face a penalty from the authorities.

Netchex has an in-built tax management feature that can help stay protected against such penalties. It will help with tax calculation based on the state your business is located in.

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Disadvantages of Using Netchex

Even though Netchex is a highly dependable software, there are some areas that need improvement. Firstly, we would have liked it more if the reporting feature was more advanced. It can do well with some more tweaks.

The other thing that may cause a problem for users is that Netchex prices are not mentioned on the website. Users have to contact the company’s representatives to know about the pricing plans or if they want to get a personalized plan. This can drive those users away who are looking for a quick glance at the pricing plans of this online payroll software.

Final Verdict

Taking into account the pros and cons of Netchex discussed above, it’s safe to say that this payroll program is certainly worth all the hype. You can consider using it for your business if you’re looking for a reliable payroll management program.

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