What is Magneto? and Why Choose Magneto?

What is Magneto? : Magneto is an open-source built-in PHP. It’s an e-commerce network that helps sellers set up their own marketplace by creating e-commerce websites. It is a platform which is used by most popular online businesses. According to statistics, Magneto accounts for 31.4% of the top 100,000 e-commerce sites.

Why Choose Magneto?

Magneto was developed especially for the purpose of being used as an e-commerce platform. It allows the developer to develop a user-friendly e-commerce website using different features. There are multiple reasons for why Magneto is the best choice for e-commerce website development and they are as follows:

  • Cost-Effective
  • SEO friendly
  • Open-source platform
  • Mobile experience
  • Multi-platform integration
  • More payment gateways

Cost-Effective: Cost is an important factor when considering an e-commerce platform for your website. It takes an average cost of $2,000 to build a Magneto website. As websites have to go through updates and add more features it adds to the cost as maintenance cost, but the fact that Magneto uses cloud hosting it lowers the cost of maintenance.

SEO Friendly: For good e-commerce platforms, it is important for them to have comprehensive SEO features so that the business is able to get access to new customers through Google. Magneto has many SEO features like Search friendly URLs, Sitemaps, Layered navigation, Product Title, Keywords, Metadata, etc. The use of SEO plugins and extensions helps the website in getting a higher ranking and results in better positioning of the website on the search engines result page.

Open-source platform: Magneto is a high customization platform. This platform can adjust well to change and has the potential to be altered or modified to meet the requirements of the retailers or business owners. It allows the developer to easily add new features by developing and installing Magneto modules to give the website a unique look and feel.

Mobile Experience: According to the current technological world, if something doesn’t exist on mobile phones, it doesn’t exist at all. The same is the case with these platforms. If these websites are not mobile-friendly they don’t exist at all for the people therefore, it is very crucial for an e-commerce website to be mobile-friendly. Magento is known for keeping the standards of mobile web design. It has HTML5 incorporated which helps in picture adjustment and supports video to improve the online shopping experience on a mobile device.

Multi-platform Integration: In the Magento eCommerce development platform it is easy to integrate third-party add-ons and modules. It doesn’t restrict developers from making modifications to the website. It also has built-in Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google checkout, and Google base which helps to keep in check the performance of the website.

More payment gateways: It is also very important to make sure that an e-commerce platform supports different payment options that exist. Magneto supports almost all popular payment methods such as PayPal,, Google checkout, Amazon payment, bank transfer, cash on delivery, Purchase Order, Zero Subtotal Checkout, and other methods. All these methods make accommodating international customers easier.

Is Magneto Right for you?

Keeping the above points in mind, it is right to say that Magneto is one of the best e-commerce platforms as it is flexible, customization, and salable. It is the most preferred and used open-source platform. While choosing a platform it is important to choose one which fits in your budget and gives you the features that you require in your online store which Magneto offers at a relatively lower development cost as compared to other platforms.

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