Is it difficult AMC Exam Preparation?

This article is all about the preparation of medical exams and especially fresh graduates and professionals who need to know the Medical Career Pathway in Australia. If you search enough on social networking sites like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and others, you will readily find lots of opinions about the Australian Medical Council examinations process. Given that the maximum readers of this blog are international doctors, I have compiled a list of series regarding each and everything about the AMC MCQ Exam Preparation.

AMC Exam Preparation for foreigners:

This writing piece will present you with some factual information about the AMC exam Preparation for foreigners and the difficulties they have to face during their preparation. So we have engaged some real doctors from the Australian region to get the answers to a few queries. These are the medical professional who is currently going through or has been through the process of this exam.

Our first question was, How hard the Australian Medical Council  (AMC) Exam is?

The answer to this question was quite obvious and depends on a range of factors in which first we can put the time limit you put into preparing for the exam. The second most important element is how close your own medical school training is to the Australian context.

While dealing with the preparation of the AMC test, there are actually two separate exams to complete the process which are:

  • Part 1: This part consists of Multiple Choice Exam
  • Part 2: Clinical Exam.
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According to the latest report from the AMC in one year and information we have collected reveals that there were 2000 AMC MCQ (Part 1 Exams) sat with 1,559 candidates passing. This ratio is not pretty good as that’s a pass rate of about 58%. Moving towards the second part that is about AMC Clinical Exam, 597 candidates passed out of 2,165 candidates evaluated. That’s less than a 28% pass rate which is alarming for medical professionals. So we would say that the first part of the AMC exam is fairly hard and the second part is extremely hard, and you have to give your best to clear both.

Eligibility for the Australian Medical Council Exam:

There are some of the common requirements in order to be able to sit for the AMC. If you are going to apply for the AMC test, you must first establish what is called a portfolio because you cannot manage to bother things without this formality. Moving ahead

  1. You first create a registration with the AMC website and enter your descriptive details for the clerical procedures.
  2. Check your medical degree first because it must be awarded by an institution recognized by the AMC,
  3. The AMC authorities identify most but not all medical schools which are listed with the World Directory of Medical Schools. There is a handy search on the AMC site and you can get help with all details.

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