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ImgInn – Download Instagram Posts, Stories, Video, Avatar

We shall discover ImgInn’s functionality, its features, and most importantly, whether it is secure to use.
Imginn is excellent for people who desire to:

Save Instagram images online, get Instagram users’ creative avatars, and save movies and loops
Remember that you can only download the avatar, pictures, videos, and posts of Instagram users who have made their accounts public by Imginn.

Users of Instagram cannot simultaneously look for and download any private accounts.

Understanding ImgInn Interface

ImgInn Interface

The website of ImgInn offers a tidy, unambiguous, and appealing user interface.

Sincerity dictates that it is merely a single-scroll web page experience.

However, the busy part is the website’s abundance of banner advertisements.

On the official ImgInn website, you will see:

  • At top, Icons align with Search, Stories, Photo, Video, and Avatar.
  • A search bar (highlighting context ‘Enter username’.)
  • At bottom, “About us” and “Remove account”.

How To Use ImgInn?

To help you better understand ImgInn, I’ll go over each feature.

The following outlines how to begin using ImgInn:

  • Enter “ImgInn” into Google or your preferred search engine.
  • From the SERP, click the extension weblink.
  • start the fun, enter your profile username.

Following a search, the interface will display a list of pertinent Instagram profiles.

Select the profile account that matches it. “Post,” “Stories,” and “Tagged” are located beneath the profile avatar.

Post: Selecting the post menu will display all of the posts, along with any associated single, multiple, or videos.

Stories: Because it lacks support, this will just display the highlights rather than reels.

Tagged: The persons that are “tagged” on a post are those who are added for outreach objectives. Posts and videos from tagged accounts are displayed on the interface.

How To Download Instagram Posts Anonymously From ImgInn?

How you can initiate downloading:

  • Use the search bar and select the type of resources from (Stories, Photo, Video, and Avatar) menu.
  • Stories and Avatar work on search term bases. Enter the Instagram username and hit the search icon.
  • To download a photo and video, you need a link.

How to download Instagram Photos and Video without a link:

  • Simply use the search bar menu to download any photos and videos. No links required.
  • Enter the username and the interface will show all content from that account, only the public ones.
  • To download, click on the ‘download’ button. No sign up and wait required.

Good Things About ImgInn

What I appreciate about ImgInn is this: without having an account, you can view Instagram.

  • All posts, including videos and photographs, can be downloaded.
  • You can view and download the profiles of other user accounts in addition to your own.
  • Browse secretly; no one will be aware of your downloading.
  • Download a variety of Instagram files from a separate menu.
  • Downloading is done quickly and without interruption from advertising.

A user can ask ImgInn to delete or remove their account in addition to these options.

How you can remove an account on ImgInn:

remove an account on ImgInn:

  • Go to the bottom section, click on “Remove Account”.
  • Enter the Url of your Instagram profile.
  • Enter the email address.
  • Hit on the “Submit” button.

Top 5 ImgInn Alternatives To Try

1. Dumpor


A website resembling Imginn called Dumpor allows users to browse and download Instagram story views, pictures, and videos anonymously. The user-friendly interface invites them to search any Instagram account using their profile, location, and tags.

2. Storistalker


Another anonymous Instagram photo and video viewer to utilise is Storistalker. The website is a little slower than usual, and it advises users to wait 30 seconds for the outcome because processing takes time. However, there is no sign-up process and the downloading is quick.

3. SmiHub


Users can watch and download Instagram stories and other information anonymously via SmiHub, a service provided by StoriesIG. The website contains two menus, “Viewer” and “Downloader,” as well as an intelligent search function that takes username and link into account.

4. Qoob


Users can save content from TikTok and Instagram using Qoob, which offers a number of advantages like group or individual download, browsing covertly, notifications for new postings, the ability to arrange automatic downloads, and more.

Users have restricted access to the website, which results in reasonable pricing for plans that may be purchased to continue using Qoob services.

5. Inflact


The greatest anonymous Instagram story viewer is Inflact. without making an account, save videos and pictures. Automatically save IG stories from any public profile for free, across all devices, with no third-party app installation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Imginn

Q1. Is Imginn Safe?

Ans: When our team used a third-party programme to check for security, Imginn received a bad rating. The risk is thus unavoidable. Depending on how you navigate the website.

Q2. Can I save private account videos and images on Imginn?

Ans: No, Imginn does not allow you to save the private videos and photos of other Instagram users’ profile accounts.

Q3. Do I need to create an account using Imginn?

Ans: Imginn is a free website that lets interested people explore, save, and backup Instagram material privately.


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