ICR software for Data Processing and Hand-Written Recognition

Intelligent character recognition ICR software is an extended technology of OCR or rather more particular – handwriting recognition software that enables fonts and various styles of handwriting to be studied by a device during processing to enhance precision and comprehension levels. 

Most intelligent character recognition system has a self-learning software known as the neural system, which automatically upgrades the recognition database for unique writing methods. It increases the use of a scanning device for the purpose of document processing, from optical character recognition to hand-written matter recognition (HMR). Since the procedure is included in recognizing writing, precision levels may, in some instances, not be very desirable but can obtain over 97% accuracy rates in learning writing in structured forms. Usually, to achieve these higher recognition rates several read algorithms are used within the system and each is given optional choosing rights to learn the exact version of characters. In numeric fields, engines that are created to read numbers make a decision, while in alpha fields, algorithms designed to read handwritten letters have greater elective rights. When used in combination with a bespoke interface hub, hand-written information can be automatically populated into a back-office system striving arduous manual keying and can be more reliable than conventional human data entry. 

The main difference between optical character recognition and intelligent character recognition:

While intelligent character recognition technology is a subcategory of optical character recognition, the main difference is that optical character recognition is usually not set up to identify the writing. It’s mainly used to procure paper documents that have been manually typed and turned into documents so that it can be examined and scrutinized. Optical character recognition text can also be copied and pasted. Therefore, intelligent character recognition software concentrates particularly on hand-written or printed materials that use more complex styles than optical character recognition can work. 

The influence of intelligent word recognition solutions

IWR is the recognition of unconstrained written words. Intelligent word recognition identifies complete handwritten words or terms rather than character-by-character, like its predecessor, OCR. Intelligent word recognition software matches written or words to a user-friendly dictionary, especially decreasing character errors founded in standard character-based recognition algorithms. 

Advanced technology on the market uses intelligent character recognition, optical character recognition, and intelligent character recognition altogether, which presents several getaways for the unconstrained. Intelligent word recognition also reduces a great percentage of the manual data entry of written documents that, earlier, could only be typed by a human, developing an automated workforce. 

When joined handwriting is in action, for every word identified, the software breaks down the words into a series of graphemes or subcategories of letters. These several curves, designs, and lines develop letters and intelligent word recognition examines these several designs and groupings in order to determine a certain value related to the word in question. 

Intelligent word recognition is not intended to replace intelligent character recognition and optical character recognition algorithms which work well with written information; therefore intelligent character recognition decreases the number of errors related to these algorithms, and it is ideal for processing real-world documents that include mostly freeform, difficult to recognize information, naturally unsuitable for them. 

Benefits of ICR

The intelligent character recognition services make optical character recognition OCR technology more efficient as it can represent several sorts of designs and forms. It uses AI and neural networks that serve the software to learn on its own with time. Each time, unlike information, is filed into intelligent character recognition, it increases and upgrades its learning procedure through artificial neural interfaces to extricate the data from both documents with digital or joined handwriting. Either its monetary institutions or the crowdfunding sector, they get plenty of forms each day. Also, it can decrease errors while interpreting information from written notes because there is no room for mistakes in some companies, ICR technology assists them to input great volumes of data with few errors. 

The concept of ICR has been explained and comprehend. But using intelligent character recognition technology totally relies on the business requirements. Having aforementioned that, optical character recognition is significantly less as compared to intelligent character recognition technology. But if your business has several volumes of data to process each day that might involve structured or unstructured reports, then intelligent character recognition with an association of OCR is a step in the accurate decision since at the end of the day, it not only decreases manual labour but presents outcomes with high accuracy rates.

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