How To Use a Walkie Reach Stacker?

Walkie reach stackers are versatile, making them a good choice for the warehouse. They can lift and manage loads up to 25 tons, which is convenient for operations that need to move bulk items around. Walkie reach stackers also have a tight turning radius, making it easy to manoeuvre in small warehouse settings.

If you want to use Walkie reach stacker at Adaptalift Group for your warehouse operations, make sure you understand how it functions so you can get the most out of it. Here’s what you need to do to use a walkie reach stacker effectively:

Operating a Walkie Reach Stacker

These are very specialized pieces of equipment and operating them requires significant training. As such, most operators will be provided by companies offering them for rent. However, it’s helpful to have some understanding of the basics of how they work in order to give good instructions.

A reach stacker has four main controls:

The throttle: This is located on the right side of the operator’s seat and works like the gas pedal in a car. When pushed forward, the engine speed increases; when released, it slows down.

The steering column: This is similar to that of a car. The steering wheel turns the front wheels left and right, which allows for precise positioning of the load as needed.

Learn how to operate the machine.

Walkie reach stackers aren’t hard to operate, but they can be tough if you don’t know what you’re doing. You must learn how to move forward, backward and sideways while operating the machine properly. You also need to learn how to pick up, carry and lower cargo as well as how to handle the forklift attachments that come with the machine. Once you learn how your particular model of forklift work, practice lifting and lowering cargo until you feel comfortable with your actions. Practice moving in different directions at varying speeds as well so you can get used to how your movements affect the machine’s handling.

Familiarize Yourself With 

Your Equipment Before you can use your Walkie Reach Stacker, you must familiarize yourself with it. Start by reading through the operator manual and spending some time practising with the equipment on your own property. You should also inspect your Walkie Reach lifter before each use to ensure that it is safe to operate. The walkie reach stacker is slightly different from forklifts you may have used in the past. Take some time to familiarize yourself with how it works and what each control does before you actually start using it. It will only take a few minutes, but it will pay off in preventing accidents and in saving time on the job site. Reviewing the operator manual can go a long way in making sure that everyone who uses this equipment is aware of its proper operation and maintenance requirements.

Adjust Your Tensioners 

Before using your Walkie Reach Stacker in tight areas, it’s important that you adjust your tensioners appropriately. If you’re planning on using your equipment on uneven ground or outside, you will need to adjust your tensioners so that they are tighter than usual.

Know how the machine works

Walkie reach stackers are complex machines. They have numerous moving parts such as forks and wheels that can pose serious dangers if not used properly. That is why it is essential to familiarize yourself with the machine before using it. Learn how to operate all its controls and understand the indicator lights so that you know what they mean.

Wear protective gear

A walkie reach stacker has many potential hazards such as pinch points and falling objects. To keep yourself safe, make sure you always wear protective gear such as hard hats, safety goggles, safety shoes, steel-toed boots and high visibility clothing. It is also important to never wear loose clothing around moving parts of the machine such as belts or chains because they can get caught up in them and cause injury.

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