How to Unlock iPhone 6 (Ultimate Guide)

There are many network providers available in the market. Everyone has different rules regarding unlocking the iPhone.

These rules are under the specific signed contract. According to this contract, the network has some requirements. If you want to use our service, you have to bypass these specific restrictions according to our extensive contract agreement.

Unlocking your iPhone is a legal process?

It is legal to unlock the iPhone. There are many different methods of iPhone unlocking. You can unlock your iPhone by purchasing or paying forms; it means you are now legally the owner of your iPhone.

I suggest before unlocking the iPhone; you must have to check the carrier option in the settings.

Why do you need to unlock your iPhone?

Unlocking your iPhone means your iPhone is ready to take any SIM card from any country as you want. You can enjoy all the features like calling, messaging, and data connection services.

You have to buy a one simple SIM card insert into your mobile, and you can easily enjoy the unlimited right of communication without any restriction. You can easily use all the features like roaming charges, and all other leverages your all carrier puts to you.

Is my iPhone locked?

Many people faced this issue that how to analyze our iPhone is locked or not. If you bought your iPhone from the market, Apple store and you would get the message of “Invalid SIM” on your iPhone. Don’t worry about it. Your iPhone is not locked. It will require some time to unlock.

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Suppose you bought your iPhone second-hand from the market or your relative or friend. There is a big chance that your iPhone is locked because it’s tied to a different network.

Methods to SIM Unlock iPhone 6

There is a piece of good news for you now. You don’t have to stay with carrier service for unlocking your iPhone. Now you can easily unlock your iPhone 6 and also change your carrier service. When you start to unlock the iPhone, you must note which method is best for you, saving money and time both.

You can unlock your iPhone 6 through the DoctorSIM Unlock service. These methods are safe to use. It doesn’t cause any harm to your phone. All the processes are legal to use. There is no restriction to use it. Let’s check the given methods one by one.

I have share some methods about How to Unlock iPhone 6?. Hope you will enjoy this method.

Method1: How to sim unlock iPhone 6 with doctors

If you want to unlock your iPhone, I strongly recommend the DoctorSIM Unlock services consider. It’s one of the best solutions to unlock iPhone daily 1000+ phones unlocked by this method.

Let’s follow the following steps.

  1. Select the mobile brand that you are using.
  2. Select the phone model.
  3. Fill the country and iPhone network service, providers
  4. Choose the payment methods that suit you.
  5. After a few minutes, you will check the unlocking process to start successfully or not.
  6. Enter the IMEI number and verified it. If you don’t know your iPhone IMEI number, dial *#06#.
  7. Enter a valid email address because the unlock code will send on this same email address.
  8. Now you have to wait 25 hours to receive your unlock code
  9. Enter your unlock code In your iPhone6 to open it.
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Method 2:Unlock iPhone 6 with is a method to unlock your iPhone. In this method, the iPhone unlocks your phone just by whitelisting your mobile IMEI from Apple’s database. By this method, your iPhone will never get locked again even if you update software, syn with iTunes the there is no issue of relocked.


  1. Go to the official website of select your iPhone model here.
  2. Choose the network you iPhone is locked, and then click to unlock.
  3. On the next tab, follow the instruction on how to find the IMEI number. Enter the IMEI number click on “unlock now”.
  4. Now you have to select the payment method. After payment, the system will pass you the IEMI number of the network provider and whitelist it from Apple’s database. This process takes 1 to 5 days.
  5. After all processes, you will get the verification mail that your iPhone is unlocked successfully.

Method 3: Unlock iPhone 6 iCloud Activation lock

In this step, we discuss how to unlock your iPhone 6 iCloud activation lock. The method is slightly different from the iPhone SIM unlocking.

Let’s follow the given below steps

1) The process is straightforward and easy. You have to visit the official website of Official iPhoneUnlock. After visiting this site, you will see on the left sidebar an option of iCloud unlock.

2) Click on the iCloud unlock option.

3) Now you have to move on the next page, enter the handset model like iPhone 6, 6s.

4) Enter the Serial/ IMEI number of the phone. If you want to check your mobile IMEI number, dial *#06#.

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5) Now, you have to finish the payment process. It requires 1 to 3 days to receive your iPhone unlock code on your required email address.

Method 4: Unlock Forgot Apple ID iPhone 6

If you forget your Apple account, you can easily unlock it. You don’t need any professional guidelines. You can open it in a few steps. This method is quite different from SIM unlocking and iCloud activation. This process shows you how you open your iPhone 6 without mobile SIM care if you don’t remember your iPhone Apple ID.


1) Visit the Apple ID page, just tapping on this given link. (!&page=signin)

2) Now you have to Enter your Apple ID and answer some security questions required by the iCloud security.

3) Click on forget a password again enter your Apple ID.

4) Select the option and enable you to reset your Apple ID.

5) Depend upon the security feature that you set in your Apple ID.

6) Answer the security questions that you set.

7) Email sent on your provided email address. Click on the link to recover your Apple ID.

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