How to Transfer Data Between iOS and Android Devices

We live in a smartphone world where every person has a cell phone or two. They probably like one feature in android and another one in iOS and to experience the best of both worlds, they use two devices simultaneously. However, what if you need an image in your android phone that you captured on the other device or need to transfer data to a new phone? That’s the question we’re going to be addressing in this post.

Usually, people feel the need to move their data between different devices when they are switching from one phone to another. This could be a stressful task because some people don’t like change and especially when it’s a big one such as moving from iOS to Android or vice versa. And above all, the process of moving all your precious data; pictures, videos, contacts, and notes is a tiring thing to do. To make things smooth and hassle-free, one needs a method that is super convenient and user-friendly. What’s the most important question you ask yourself when moving from one device to another? How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android could be something of absolute importance because losing contacts could mean losing your social life to some extent.

Not only that, one may need to transfer data from android to android. Such as after an eventful hang out with your friends, sharing all the pictures with them can be a time-consuming task. Sometimes there’s a stunning wallpaper or a fascinating ringtone that you have in your android phone and a friend asks you to transfer it to their device. To make this process less hectic and simple, there are a number of methods you can opt for. There are a number of software that come up every once in a while but all of these have some issues that surface after some time. Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer is an ideal alternative for all those who frequently transfer files between different devices.

Transfer files with Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer

The good things about this particular software are many, but to name a few, which are compatible with all file formats such as videos, photos, contacts, and messages, etc. For every smartphone user, this tool is something that can make your life a little better and hassle-free with its simple yet useful features along with a user-friendly interface. It’s basically a platform or a center point where you get to see all your data at one spot from all the connected devices and move them as per your need.

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Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer 1

Here are some simple steps that can help you with your question of how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android:

  • First and foremost, ​​download the app Dr.Fone and launch it on your laptop/computer. You’d see the option “Phone Transfer” on the home screen. Click on it.
  • The system will automatically detect all the connected devices and will display the files on the app windows.
  • Based on your preference, pick the source and destination device. In this particular case, iOS is the source and Android is the destination. There’s a flip option to change the position of your devices.
  • Once you’ve picked the file type that you aim to transfer, click on Start Transfer to begin the process.
  • Keep both devices connected and wait till the data is synced.
  • A window will pop up once the transfer is complete. You can then remove the devices.

Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer 2

Other ways to transfer files from iPhone to Android

Although, Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer is the most straightforward, error-free, and secure way to transfer your data from iPhone to Android or Android to Android, there are some other, conventional methods that are popular and are commonly used. People often feel comfortable with methods that require little effort and less amount of time. Mostly, word of mouth is how people opt for a certain application or software, but some of us like to try things on our own and then stick with the best option. Some of the other methods that could be tries include transferring data using iCloud or iTunes.

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This is another simple way to move data between two devices and it involves syncing all of it to your iCloud first. The multi-step procedures can be time-consuming and a bit frustrating at a certain time. With iCloud, there’s a chance that you face storage issues as well. If you don’t want to buy extra space, iCloud only lets you consume a certain amount and after that, you can’t keep a backup or sync any data.


Although iTunes has certain issues such as storage space, it is still an appropriate way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. All you need to do is sync your iPhone contacts to your Windows/Microsoft account followed by exporting them into a card. This method is a bit complicated as it requires you to export contacts from one device to your PC and then import them to the other device one by one.


Overall, if you’ve just bought a new phone or need to switch your primary device from iOS to Android, the most important thing to do is to transfer data to a new phone. For this purpose, you would want to go with technology, method, or a way that is most convenient and doesn’t take much of your time. Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer offers exactly the same and could be the best answer to all your data transfer-related concerns.

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