How to take care of car body in winters?

Taking care of the car body in winter is a very important task. It’s not just about removing salt and washing the car, but also making sure that your car body is protected from any damage throughout the year. Salt and other chemicals present in the air can cause rusting of the under-carriage and erosion of paintwork.

There are some tips and tricks that will help you apply the right kind of protection to your car body so that it stays safe.

Wash your vehicle regularly

The first step you should take in protecting your car body from damage caused by winter is to wash it regularly throughout the year. The more frequently you wash your car, the less buildup there will be on its surface, which can harm its paint job in severe winter.


If you have a garage on your property, then it is good for you. You can park your car in it and keep it safe from external damages. But when you don’t have a garage, what will you do with the car?

A steel carports at Wholesales Direct is an ideal alternative to a garage. It is also an outdoor structure used to shelter vehicles from the elements, primarily rain and snow. It is often open on all sides, although some are roofed. Carports protect cars against adverse weather like direct sunlight, rain, snow, ice, and strong winds.


Waxing your car during winter is also a good way to avoid damage caused by snow and ice buildup. Wax will help protect your paint from any scratches or scrapes caused by friction with ice. Wax acts as a barrier between ice particles and paint, reducing friction and preventing scratches. Wax also provides a layer of protection from moisture, helping to prevent the growth of rust on metal surfaces.

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If you live in a place where there is snowfall, you must take care of your car by sprinkling salt on it. This will prevent your car from rusting. However, if it is rusted already, you can use a baking soda solution to scrub off the rust. This will make your car look good again.

When cleaning the snow off the windshield, be careful not to scrape or scratch the glass. It is advisable to use a squeegee that has rubber tips at its edges for this purpose. You could also use snow brushes that are designed for this purpose. Also, you must ensure that your wipers are working properly, and you should keep them sharpened at all times.

You must also clean your vehicle’s undercarriage thoroughly once every month during winters because there could be snow or salt stuck to it, which could cause rusting later on.

Using a plastic sheet

You can place a large plastic sheet on the ground and drive the car over it when you park it for days or weeks in winters if required. The sheet will absorb all the moisture present on the exterior part of your vehicle and prevent it from forming ice on them. This is one of the best ways to protect your car in winters without much hassle involved.

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