How to Select Construction Schedule Software?

Construction scheduling software assists professionals to build, allot, and forecast work on construction projects with a variety of programs. Different merchants from the software giants to small niche players offer these programs for various construction projects.

These programs replaced the traditional process of using algorithms and applications to facilitate and improve the scheduling method and have been assisting researchers since the 1960s. They offer widely spread functionalities in various forms, from uncomplicated, free devices to complex and extremely complicated multi-user systems.

Construction scheduling software reduces completion times and provides cost-effective outcomes by implementing precise planning and optimizing the work duration. The efficiency enhancement feature helps construction supervisors in organizing resources, identifies problems in advance, and helps foreman to regulate work in the ground levels.

For construction owners, this scheduling application allows much-needed transparency into project progression, strengthens accountability, and smooths the flow of data between the construction owners and constructors. This software mainly maximizes customer satisfaction and provides quality improvement.

To get the desired outcomes from a construction scheduling software, you need to pick the best software per your needs. You can do so by analyzing different aspects such as the cost of the software, the desired scheduling complexity, and the required functionality.

Considerations in Construction Schedule Software Selection

Below are the factors that will affect your decision-making process of selecting the construction scheduling software solutions:

The Cloud: Cloud-based construction scheduling solutions provide the highest accessibility. It allows users to access programs easily from anyplace. These programs provide a multi-use facility and build coordination. The lower start-up capital costs and the decline need for in-house IT staff makes this solution a cheaper and popular alternative to the in-house hosting. However, the security concerns related to this scheduling solution may deter some construction companies.

Mobile Access: Schedules accessibility through mobiles is a primary requirement in the field. The cost-effective scheduling solutions, such as online calendars, are the simplest option to access programs from different devices and locations. But you require to verify whether applications with convenience to use on regular devices also facilitate other needed functionalities.

You must consider the following aspects:

  1. Is there any difficulty in the completion of operations that users are going to be frequently performing, or Is the mobile interface secure and easy to use?
  2. Does mobile access run fine in the field, or if the software acts similar to an app, how fast and frequently does it synchronize data?

Security: Security is one of the most significant determinants you must evaluate before choosing in-house or cloud scheduling solutions. The security concern is valid as if someone gains access to your construction management data, and he/she can easily misuse the scheduling and other essential information. If you’re using an integrated management system which provides employee timesheets, job-cost information, and other data, then you must consider the following aspects:

  1. Where would you prefer to host it?
  2. Who should have access to the system?
  3. Are these operators skilled in managing the system to ensure its privacy and security?

Ease of Use and User Support: These solutions streamline and facilitate the construction process, but many programs are not simple to use and have some complicated processing steps. If many operators are going to use the scheduling software, a complex solution with hard processing steps isn’t the right choice. Complex software is suitable for companies that can assign scheduling to specialized workers.

Cost: The price of construction scheduling software is usually per its functionality, but the cost also indicates points such as the place of deployment of the system, type of the customer services, and the required number of users. For multi-user access, consider the pricing model, how easily you can add or subtract users, and the required number of users.

How to select the Best Construction Scheduling Software for You?

Different considerations such as sophistication of the tool, different ways to access the software, and the cloud-based or in-house hosting solution options will be the main determinants of the price. But your decision-making process should not be only influenced by the price of the solutions.

Users in the field require access to schedules frequently, which makes mobile apps and web access virtually non-negotiable functionality.

Examine the quality and smooth usage for selecting the best suitable mobile interfaces. Check how field circumstances influence mobile access and speed and frequency of synchronization. Another aspect is to check whether mobile interfaces make it manageable to execute regular tasks for field users.

If the price seems high, remember that features of advanced efficiency and best resource management can easily compensate for the cost. Use a scheduling program with a low-cost subscription for a few months and check its functionality.

Some of the benefits of construction scheduling software are:

  • The more precise plan of completion,
  • Proper scheduling of work,
  • Reduced risk of unexpected problems,
  • Higher efficiency and more productive use of labor with less time spent waiting,
  • Streamlined processes,
  • Better coordination with subcontractors and vendors,
  • Agile schedule updating if conditions change,
  • More robust budgeting,
  • Cost savings,
  • Quicker completion,
  • Transparency for all participants,
  • Greater accountability,
  • Ability to track key metrics and milestones,
  • Higher quality,
  • Increased customer satisfaction, etc.

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