How to Get Your Teeth from Yellow to White

If your teeth are more yellow than you would like them to be, then the good news is that it’s not impossible to get them back to white again. Changing your lifestyle habits, using effective at-home teeth whitening products, or getting professional treatment from your dentist can all be highly effective methods for turning your teeth from yellow to white and getting a smile that you like. 

Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, then this is one of the top causes of stained and yellowing teeth. And when you smoke, using tooth whitening products either at home or from your dentist is not going to have a lasting effect as your teeth will start to get a build-up of stains again once you have another cigarette. If you are worried about the effect of smoking on your teeth in terms of both health and appearance, you may want to think about quitting with the help of a nicotine replacement product such as vaping products from

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a traditional Indian folk remedy that is said to remove toxins from the body and improve your oral hygiene. To do this, swish oil around in your mouth. This removes the bacteria that can turn into plaque and give your teeth a yellow appearance. Traditionally, sesame oil or sunflower oil is used; however, any oil will be effective. Coconut oil is a popular option since it has many health benefits and tastes great too. Some studies have found that oil pulling on a daily basis is useful for reducing oral bacteria, plaque, and gingivitis. 

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Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleaching product that is also effective for killing bacteria in your mouth. You will find many commercial teeth whitening products that contain hydrogen peroxide. Studies have found that brushing with a toothpaste that contains hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can lead to over 60% whiter teeth in six weeks. However, it is important to use a diluted concentration since if it is too strong, it can lead to tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. 

Eat More Fruit

Some studies have found that certain fruits can be effective at helping to whiten your teeth, including strawberries and pineapple. In fact, some celebrities have claimed to whiten their teeth using a mixture of strawberries and baking soda. However, while strawberries might be effective at exfoliating your teeth which can help them appear whiter, they are unlikely to get to any deeper stains. Studies have also found that bromelain, an enzyme that is present in pineapples is effective at whitening teeth, although there is no solid evidence that eating pineapple has the same effect. 

Improve Calcium Intake

Taking a daily calcium supplement or eating more calcium-rich foods can help to strengthen the enamel of your teeth. Since tooth discolouration is often caused by exposed yellow dentin due to enamel eroding, this can help with both the strength and appearance of your teeth. 

Finally, don’t forget to practice good oral hygiene every day, including brushing and flossing daily to keep your teeth healthy and white. 

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