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How to get the attention of a famous person on Instagram?

Get attention of celebrity

How to get the attention of a famous person on Instagram? Here some tips to get attention from famous people that will help you to famous quickly.

Follow the profile

Alternatively, you can log in to Instagram from the PC, connect to the Internet version of the social network.

Now to start following the person on Instagram, you just have to press the follow button.

Reply to stories

As I just said, the first solution that you can implement to get someone famous to notice you on Instagram is to interact with content that he publishes. For example, you can start from the history.

You can view the Instagram stories of the users you follow both in the social networking application and in your computer, via the official Instagram site.

Either way, all you have to do is log in to your account and go to the section dedicated to History, located in the main menu of the social network, characterized by the round icons that show the profile picture of your users follow.

Then tap (or click) on these icons, to see all the user-posted stories you follow, which will follow automatically. To see, specifically, the story published by the user of your interest, I suggest you go to their profile.

Then type your username into the Instagram search engine, and on your account screen, tap your profile picture: There will be new stories to look at every time your profile thumbnail includes a red corner.

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So I suggest you interact with the stories if there are interaction elements, such as questions or surveys. The user who posted the stories will know who is interacting with them and this can certainly be a way of noticing.

You can also answer stories with a message regardless of the presence of questions or surveys. In this case, touch the Send a text message field located below the story and press the Send it buttons.

Comment posts

Another tip I want to give you so that someone famous will notice you on Instagram, is to comment on their posts, in fact, celebrities tend to receive a lot of messages and find it difficult to respond to them all.

However, by not commenting on the posts, it is easier to notice how fewer people interact with them. Also, if your comment is really interesting, it could get several “likes” and, therefore, be seen by the VIP on duty.

If you do not know how to comment on a post on Instagram, log in to your account through the social networking application or its official website, find the profile and the post published by the user of your interest and then a, press the button of cartoon icons, to see all comments. Now write your comments in the text field shown below and click the Send button, to send it.

Send a private message

After you get to know the famous person of your interest, you can try to get their attention by sending them a private message (although, as mentioned, it’s hard to get attention that way). However, if you have had previous contact with the user in question, you may have a better chance of getting an answer.

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To start, therefore, access Instagram through the smartphone application or its official website, then press the icon of the plane located in the upper right corner. Then, in the menu that appears, type the pencil and icon sheet and write, in the text field, the username and who you want to contact.

Then look at the text field below to enter the text of the message and press the button. Send, to send it.

More tips for getting the attention of a famous person on Instagram

After applying all the tips, I told you about in previous chapters, would you like other helpful tips to get you noticed by a famous person on Instagram?

Don’t insist on being patient: If you’ve contacted someone very popular on Instagram, it will be difficult for him to respond to you or, at the very least, to do so in a short time. Therefore, I advise you to be patient and not pushy. Do not continue to write his other messages, in case he does not respond to you immediately: otherwise, you might get the opposite effect to what you want and, in fact, in the worst case you might even block.

Be polite and polite: One general suggestion that I want to give you is that you are always kind and kind to people, whether it is to interact with them in private or in public. Good parenting always comes first and is the foundation of any kind of relationship and communication.

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