How to Get Better at Black Ops Cold War Tips and Tricks

The Black Ops cold war is the new highlight of Call of Duty that has created a buzz in the gaming community. The game has come with new additions, tweaks and tricks, and new features, making it different from other COD games, which require new skills.

Whether you’re a newbie in Black Ops or have been playing for the longest time, you need to practice and learn these new tricks to ace the game. This guide is dedicated to some tried and tested tips that you must know to win the Black Ops cold war.

You can also check out cold war aimbot cheats if you want additional help in the game. Now let’s dive into the top tips and tricks you need to know for playing the cold war.

Go through the maps and learn them

Learning the maps is one of the crucial aspects of the Balck Ops cold war. You need to know the areas you will be going to and fro from as each map comes with its blind corners, camping spots, common routes and vantage points.

If you can get an idea of which areas are most likely to be used by the enemy and which ones you are most likely to use, your score will go up in every match. Also, knowing the hiding spots and vantage points will keep you alive throughout the game, so you must not skip learning the maps.

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Use the sounds to your advantage

The game audio can give you a huge advantage in tracking enemy movements. When players run, their footsteps make loud noises which you can use to your benefit. Moreover, the game audio will help you get information about when your opponents are getting the drop on you or when you are getting the drop on your foes. You can also hear suppressed enemy shots, even though that is not visible in the mini-map.

Upgrade the guns

Your guns, as the game proceeds ahead, will level up and get new attachments and fancy skins. Each attachment will improve your gun in different ways, and this is how you can tailor your gun in the game.

To get these attachments throughout the game, you need to stay committed to the missions and accomplish them accordingly. But make sure that you don’t overload a gun beyond your comfort level. Take as many attachments as necessary to match your playing style.

Use meta weapons

Using meta weapons is not preferred by many players, but when you are trying to get better at the game, there is no harm in using them. Also, there is no point in using the wrong gun and getting killed repeatedly.

Some of the meta weapons you can opt for are- FFR, MP5, burst-fire rifles. These weapons will aid you in going ahead in the game and remain in the survival rate. After you get more experienced in the game, you can try playing with off meta-weapons.

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Make use of the versatile equipment

There are numerous categories of equipment in the Black Ops cold war. Equipment like tactical items, lethal items are there to help you get kills and make up for the damage. You can use such items to push your enemies away, catch your opponents by surprise, take cover and a lot more. So to maintain your advantageous position, don’t forget to utilize the equipment.

Watch videos of professional players

One of the easy and reliable ways to learn insider tips and tricks about the game is by watching professionals’ gaming videos. These are experienced players who have optimum control on the battlefield and over the enemies.

However, you should not get intimidated or compare your lower efficiency with theirs. Don’t get too competitive, and try to inculcate as many ideas as you can. After learning their tactics, try to incorporate them into your playing style and see yourself improving in Black Ops.


Those were some of the top tips and tricks for playing Black Ops. It is comparatively a new game; hence it might require some practice as well as patience to get better at it. Go through the tips that we have mentioned and try to follow them while playing your game. Is there anything else you want to know about Black Ops? If yes, let us know in the comments!

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