How To Do A Dyslexia Assessment And Get Started On The Right Track

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Dyslexia is a condition that affects the reading process. Dyslexia can cause difficulties with spell checking, decoding words, and understanding text. However, there are ways to overcome dyslexia and start reading at a practical level again. If you have dyslexia, it’s essential to get started on the right track. Here are some tips for doing a dyslexia assessment in Singapore and getting started on the right path:

1-Identify the problem

The first step to doing a dyslexia assessment in Singapore and getting started on the right track is identifying the problem. The next step is to determine why this is happening. This will help you overcome dyslexia and read at a sufficient level again.

2-Start with a simple text

The first thing you can do to overcome dyslexia and read at an adequate level again start with a simple text. Start with something you’re comfortable reading, such as a book or magazine article. Try reading for 15 minutes every day, and keep track of your progress in a journal or diary that you record your progress on. This will help you understand how dyslexia works and what problems it causes when reading. It will also help you know your strengths so that you can use them when reading more complex texts later on in life.

3-Make sure that your eyes are moving naturally during reading

When looking at the text, make sure that your eyes aren’t fixated on some specific area of space while reading something else (such as trying not to read too much information while looking only at some words). You should also be able to easily follow the lines of text without having to look back at it constantly while trying to read it out loud or when writing down what you’ve just read (this is called “fixation”). When reading, the eyes don’t need to be constantly moving.

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4-Don’t read too fast or too slow

You should make sure that you don’t read too fast or too slow when reading. This will make it difficult for your brain to process information correctly, and you may have trouble understanding what you’re reading. You should also avoid reading with your head down or looking down at the text while trying to read it out loud (this is called “head-down reading”). Try to keep your eyes focused on the text in front of you and try not to look at other things while reading (such as looking at other people or things around you). When reading, try not to stop and think about what you’re reading. Just let the words flow through your mind as if they were coming from someone else. If this sounds difficult for some reason, try putting a book cover over the text being read to be less distracting for your eyes during reading. This can help people who have dyslexia focus on what they’re trying to read more effectively during their reading process.


Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that affects how people process, store and retrieve information. Dyslexia can affect how people read and write and cause difficulties in day-to-day life. It is a crucial learning disability that can be treated through a combination of therapies, such as speech therapy and reading therapy.

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