How to add Google Voice Extension

Google voice extension (GVE), will enable you to generate a phone number assigned to Google voice calls known to be Google voice virtual number (GVVN). When an individual calls your Google Voice number then Google voice will send the call to your Google voice virtual number rather than to your key Ooma number.

Features of Extension:

– It creates phone numbers callable on the website via Google voice by just taping on them.

– Simply just by typing a number or contact name will enable you to initiate calls, gives you access to your present messages also you can send free text messages with the transcript.

– In case a phone number is not turned into a link on any website then you will be able to choose the message and the call button to the toolbar will automatically be portrayed.

– You will receive a notification when receiving a new message as audible alerts.

How to turn on a Google voice Extension

  1. Sign in to your Ooma account and operate to Google voice below the apps tab.
  2. Keep the “Enable Google voice extension” checkbox unchecked.
  3. Exploit the “Use with virtual number” below and choose the number you will prefer for your Google Voice account. As a result, this will be your Google voice virtual number (GVVN).
  4. Tap on “Add number” and stick to the procedure. Ooma will act without deliberation and set up your Google voice phone number after you include the verification code.
  5. Next Google voice voicemail PIN will be needed to enter.
  6. Lastly, save your changes after getting them done successfully.

Step to configure Google Voice Extension:

  1. Visit the “Google voice phone settings” page and tap on “Add another phone”.
  2. Construct a significant name and include the Google voice virtual number that you chose before.
  3. Select a relevant “Phone type” like “Work”, “Mobile” or “Home”.
  4. Google voice will now induce you to confirm the GVVN after saving the changes done.
  5. Tap on Connect and Google voice will automatically call the GVVN.
  6. Receive the call on the Telo base station or phone genie and pin the digits of the portrayed code.

NOTE: In case you had set up the Google Voice to forward to your key Ooma number earlier then disconnect that for now by not checking the checkbox in front of that number.

After all the steps and the operation is done properly and successfully, go back to your Ooma account and look over the “Enable Google voice extensions” checkbox. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes to let it work efficiently after saving the changes. When the steps are completed, you will have settings on every two pages that are contradictory to one another through which you will have access to Google voice extensions.

You will have access to your message transcript, voicemail playback, and a calling option right from your desktop by adding a Google voice extension. Furthermore, with only one tap it will make phone numbers callable which means you won’t have to call or text the numbers nor do you have to copy-paste. It makes your task easier.

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