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How Instagram Is Changing the Shopping Method?

Instagram has shifted into an e-commerce platform overnight. But the real question is how Instagram is changing our shopping method?

With revised shoppable feeds, a brand new menu section, and a whole lot of interesting tools, Instagram is helping small businesses. Undoubtedly Instagram is turning the application into a fantastic shopping experience. 

How Instagram is Altering Shopping Experience?

Do you know that e-commerce is now a crucial thing on Instagram? As the latest Instagram update rolled out, users can now discover and purchase products directly from the main navigation menu.

Every month, more than 125 million users click on the Instagram shopping post. Moreover, Instagram checkout is available for all eligible creators and businesses in the United States.

Despite the businesses, Instagram shoppable posts are one of the greatest ways to drive sales and visually showcase products. And with the help of the Instagram checkout option, users can purchase products without leaving the Instagram application. It’s a perfect opportunity for small businesses to boost their online revenue. 

As Instagram now allows people to shop through IGTV, it is drastically changing the shopping experience. Instagram also released some extraordinary e-commerce features such as:

  • Gift Card
  • Instagram Live Shopping
  • Facebook Pay
  • Instagram Shop
  • IGTV Shopping

Now you know why the shopping method is changing rapidly. Let’s discuss how Instagram is changing the way we shop.

The Instagram Feed Is Curated and Fully Shoppable

Imagine you’ve found a store with all kinds of products that are relevant to your wish list, personal style, and price point. This is what Instagram is trying to achieve. 

With the help of an intelligent and established Instagram algorithm, the Instagram feeds show products that are appropriate to the likes and dislikes of users. The new Instagram feed concept is extremely helpful for users as they are receiving necessary product suggestions without even searching.  

The revised shopping destination helps users to “See Editors Picks”, “Shop Collections”, “Browse Shops” and “Explore Guides”, which ultimately makes shopping on Instagram much easier. 

Through this feed, Instagram uses your previous engagement record and shows you products you’re likely to purchase. Not the previous engagement, but Instagram also shows results based on the brands you follow and the posts you like. 

The E-Commerce Journey Is Created for Impulsive Spending

When the world experienced COVID-19 and lockdown, online shopping witnessed a boost. As per a survey, people were spending more time online during the lockdown and social distancing protocol.

However, the popularity of online shopping methods didn’t stop even after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. Instagram started the journey from browsing images to purchasing products. 

Although many other companies also started their shopping page, Instagram is still dominating the online shopping industry based on shoppable content. In other words, Instagram is offering opportunities to purchase products whenever you want. 

By helping businesses to showcase their products in front of relevant audiences, Instagram has also decreased the effort and time needed to spend money. You can always attract new users on your Instagram page when you buy followers on Instagram

No matter which business you own, whether you’re selling sports merchandise or music records, you can always leverage Instagram shopping to sell your products on Instagram. 

Influencers Taking a Key Part

Influencers are considered as a supreme part of the Instagram world where they gain massive popularity. Judging by this fact, it’s easy to assume the change in shopping method. 

In the real world, people tell their families, friends, or colleagues about the products they purchased. According to Forbes, this word-of-mouth marketing strategy is highly popular as well as extremely successful. One survey proved that more than 90% of people trust recommendations from their families or friends over any advertisement while purchasing a new product.

Hence, it’s extremely important to make word-of-mouth marketing a priority and combine it with the influencer marketing industry of Instagram. So, if you want to enhance the online sales of your business or brand, then Instagram should be your priority. And if you see an opportunity to integrate influencer marketing into your strategy; you’ll be able to attract a lot of fresh audiences.

Tele-Shopping Could Make a Comeback

Instagram rolled out the Instagram Live feature to support small communities and businesses during the lockdown period. Undoubtedly the popularity of Instagram Live has been spiked over a few months. Instagram also reported a 65% increase in live views from March to April 2020. This is because brands and creators found a new way to utilize the platform during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Creators and brands who are eligible for Instagram checkout can now tag their services or products from their Facebook catalog or shop before going live. The featured and specified products are shown at the bottom of the live video so that people can easily click them to research or purchase.


As Instagram is still updating its e-commerce feature to make it more user-friendly, now is the perfect time to test if Instagram shopping is beneficial for your business or not. If you happen to be a creator or brand, there are tons of new ways to reach new audiences and drive sales to your Instagram page. So, it’s best to utilize the methods as social shopping is showing no signs of slowing down.

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