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How do you choose a real estate agent?

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Picking the right real estate agent is crucial when you are ready to purchase a home. Good real estate agents can make the purchasing process as stress-free as possible, while a less effective agent may make the process more challenging (and more expensive) than it has to be. 

A real estate agent should be able to communicate well with you, share your goals with you, and get you the best price possible for the home you’re buying (that’s the job of buying agents), all the while meeting your needs in the best way possible.

Choosing an agent isn’t easy, but you can take steps to have a better chance of finding the right one. Our next article explains what a buyer should look for in a true estate agent when they choose one, along with how to find the perfect Toronto real estate for sale.

How do you choose an agent?

When you are looking to buy a home, a good agent is a top choice for their skills. So, what do these skills entail? Choosing a real estate agent who possesses these five key qualities is a good start, but depending on your needs they could vary. 

Here is how you can choose a good estate agent;

Do they have any experience?

This is not necessarily a question regarding an agent’s experience in the field; rather, it provides you with insight into whether they are knowledgeable about the local market. 

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They will tell you what has sold locally in the last 3-6 months, for what price, and how long it took to sell. 

The correct price for your home is the most important factor, so do ask how often they have had to lower their prices to get it sold. Brokers who consider certain properties to be overpriced will not list them. 

Visit an open house to speak with an agent.

Observe how an agent engages the potential purchasers at an open house nearby. Don’t just grab the agent’s business card and leave – spend time with him or her instead. 

Be on the lookout for personality and chemistry. Open houses are a common source of agents for about seven per cent of sellers.

Find the best realtor for your needs.

Make sure to do an online name search for your prospective real estate agents. It is the next best thing to a personal referral when an agent’s online presence (e.g., their website, search engine results, and social media profiles) exists. 

Check online client reviews for a reliable realtor. Also, pay attention to how they handle negative reviews. 

Visit your local area. 

Attending an open house inspection is a great way to research your shortlisted agents, so you may want to attend one and observe them in action.

It’s not necessary to choose open houses that are similar to yours. Instead, observe how our agents handle open houses and deal with potential buyers. In addition to getting contact information, it is a great time to introduce yourself.

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