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How Can You Be Eco-friendlier at Home?

The climate crisis is a topic that has been discussed for years, but more and more people are growing increasingly concerned as time moves forward. While there is a lot of talk about how governments need to do more to combat climate change, individuals are also thinking about how they can start making some changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle to do their bit. If this is something that you have been thinking about recently, but aren’t sure where to start, here are some ideas that can help you to be eco-friendlier at home.

Use a Smart Meter

Your energy provider might have already been in contact with you about swapping to a smart meter, and if you haven’t done so, it could be the perfect time to do this. Smart meters make it much easier to track how much energy you are consuming each day and will also show you how much that is costing you. These are effective ways to identify where you can save energy and reduce your household bills as a bonus.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Another thing you can do is swap old appliances that need a lot of energy to function for more efficient models. It’s easy to check the energy rating of appliances when you purchase them, as this information is always on display. Some models might be more expensive, but you can still purchase eco-friendly appliances for affordable prices, too. Make sure you are paying attention to these ratings when you purchase new appliances if you do want to use less energy.

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If you want to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, upcycling is a great way to do this. People often throw items of furniture, clothes, shoes, etc., away when they want to replace them, or they have become slightly damaged. However, more often than not, these items can be repaired with a little bit of effort or even transformed into something new. For example, old t-shirts can be turned into a t-shirt blanket. Outdated cabinets can be sanded down and repainted for a more stylish look. It’s a great way to give a new lease of life to old items and will usually save you a lot of money, too! 

Grow a Kitchen Garden

There is something incredibly satisfying about cooking meals with produce that you have grown, and if you enjoy gardening and cooking with fresh ingredients, this will be wonderful for you. If you have a big garden, you might be able to create a larger vegetable patch and perhaps even plant some fruit trees. If not, don’t worry; smaller spaces can still be great for kitchen gardens as there are vegetables and herbs you can easily grow in pots and planters. Not only can you impress your guests at your next dinner party with your fresh produce, but the distance from plot to plate is minuscule! 

If you want to try and make eco-friendlier changes at home, consider the suggestions above. They are all great places to start, and you can try to make other lifestyle changes to add to your efforts if you want to.

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